How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)

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How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)
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AIRED ON 6/26/2013

Season 1 : Episode 13

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A single and very uptight divorced mother, Polly (Chalke) who finds herself moving back in with her parents, Elaine and Max (Elizabeth Perkins and Brad Garrett), upon leaving her husband and due to the economic downturn. Polly's parents are laid back and relaxed despite Elaine not raising her properly because of mumbling inappropriate things to her growing up. But the return is not as smooth and transitional as she thinks while having to deal with not only her parents and their lifestyle, but also with a best friend whom she almost dated and an ex-husband who wants her back as she prepares to restart her life.

  • UPFRONTS 2013

    ABC Renews Nashville, Scandal, Revenge, OUAT, and Many More, But Cancels Happy Endings

    Grey's Anatomy, Castle, and Suburgatory will also be back; Body of Proof, not so much.


    Hey, Should I Watch How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)?

    How does ABC's ridiculously titled new series measure up? I've seen the pilot and I'm ready to tell you just that.

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    • A Show with Hilarious Characters

      The characters in this show are hilarious! Polly is just the right amount of a mess, Elaine is very hilarious, Natalie is really funny, although Julian can be a bit too much of a doofus and Max can get annoying. The stories told in this show aren't bad, but they definately aren't as good as the characters are. I did like the plot with the stealing and I really liked the second episode, but some plots, such as that in How to Not Screw Up Your Kid weren't so good. It is very sad that ABC canceled this show. It was hilarious. I believe it very much so deserved renewal.moreless
    • stupid isnt cute no matter what your mother says

      i just watched the first episode and im not sure whether i liked it or not. the cast is defenitly good i like sahrah and the others except the child i dont no what it is but i kinda find her stupid and annoying. the plot was average at best and it wasnt that funny but it was ok to watch nothing more or less. i think it definitely has potential and could become a good show but there is a lot of work to do at this point. so i will watch more to see if the show finds its way or dies trying.moreless
    • Been There, Done

      I'll make this short. "Scrubs" does "Mad Love" on the set of "The Fockers" for an episode in search of a plot. Too bad, because I like most of the cast. I really do wish Sarah could get herself a mew vehicle, but this one came out of the garage and stalled.

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