How to Look Good Naked

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How to Look Good Naked

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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Fab Five leader Carson Kressley teaches women how to bring forth their inner and outer beauty without plastic surgery or extreme dieting. Over the course of five days Carson will introduce new, beneficial changes for subjects in his signature humorous way. Each episode will culminate in an ego-boosting fashion and beauty photo shoot for the lucky subject.

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AIRED ON 9/15/2008

Season 2 : Episode 8

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  • Thank You.

    What a fantastic show, Thank You.
  • Heart moving

    this is one of the all time greatest reality shows i have ever seen it is so moving and it really helps women be happy with the way they are and not always contradict their body just because they don't like what they see everyday when i saw Hot to Look Good Naked i nearly cried when i saw the women crying because the should like what they see everyday not just what they think (unless its positive) i cant wait for more episodes of How to Look Good Naked because i want to see more Carson and more Women feeling good about themselves.moreless
  • Very moving!

    I had my doubts about this show when I first saw the commercials for it. I thought it seemed a bit risque, but I was very wrong. Carson Kressley is the kind of man every woman needs to know. He's all about making people appreciate the way they look and forget about their flaws. Nobody is perfect, but we're all beautiful. That's what he makes us realise when he points out all our good sides. He'll stand you in front of a mirror and show you everything he thinks is beautiful, and he'll make you forget your little flaws. They don't matter at all, and I think more people need to realise that. I was very wrong about this show when I saw the commercial for it. It's not risque or dirty at all. In fact, I think it's a show that more people should see. It would help them see their true inner beauty.moreless
  • hmmm....

    Not sure if I like this show or not. Carson does his best to feign interest in these women-but I don't really think I care about them. Even though these women are saying everything I've ever said to myself 'I'm fat', 'I hate my ----", etc. That really doesn't make a show. And many of these women are almost model types and they're complaining about having an unsightly birthmark under their arm or some stupid thing that makes me want to slap them. I can't see this show lasting very long, but in the event that it does, it probably won't be around to see it.moreless
  • Actually this show could be ANY woman's best friend. Carson is funny, supportive and encouraging. The debut episode shows just how well he DOES understand women.

    Think all of the fuss that this show paints obese or overweight women in an unflattering light is ridiculous. If anything, it merely shows how you can take what you have and work with it, the best you can. He tells each woman to just appreciate what they have and that is a wonderful message. And there is nothing to be ashamed of in doing so. Of course, the women may be reluctant at first. But Carson is SO positive and SO nurturing.....after spending the whole day with him, I may be tempted to advertise my wares in public myself!moreless
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