How to Make It in America

Season 2 Episode 1

I'm Good

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 02, 2011 on HBO

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  • Homecoming


    Cam and Ben arrive after an excursion in Japan for two weeks to pick up new merchandise from Haraki and it's revealed that the brand is doing well as far as exposure but they need to sell more to pay their bills and more importantly Rene back for his loan last season. While Rene deals with the fallout of making his new girlfriend's behind the poster position for Rosta Monsta Ben and Cam hatch an idea of doing a pop up shop with some Japanese style fetish girl show to boot. Rachel gets back from Senegal without anyone knowing and Ben and Cam learn of their rivals, called the Neanderthals a couple of ex-junkie designer wannabes who have greater exposure. Domingo hooks them up with some girls for the show and their Wall Street Friend a promise of a maybe Jay-Z appearance and the two go on the radio to broadcast their show. Rene makes amends with his lady friend by taking her to the show and with some flowers too but when another guy gets a little frisky with his girl an accidental shooting takes place and the show must be closed down. Ben and Cam get stuck on the other side of town in the subway and after trying to get the Neanderthals to come to their event and taking a hit off some strong green Ben freaks out and they figure out that their story of Crisp is loyalty. In the end they sell 55 units thanks to Domingo and Wall Street and for a debut that's not too shabby. Hopefully we can see the bros and others make it big this season and with only eight episodes as an arc it's hardly enough time to mess around with filler. But it's a good enough start and Season 2 looks already way ahead of the lackluster season 1.

  • A promising start to Season Two; PCP, shoot-outs, and Asian schoolgirls; oh my!


    Season One of How to Make it in America, the new show from the creators of Entourage, did a good job of establishing the characters and basic premise of the show for those that watched like myself, but it wasn't the most exciting or dramatic of seasons. Season Two starts out with a bang though, literally, as the guys find themselves running into all sorts of trouble during their first big fashion event/party to launch a new brand of hoodie sweatshirts for Ben and Cam's "Crisp" clothing line. Cam's gangster cousin Renae (Luis Guzman) however manages to crash the party and have them plug his energy drink Rasta Monster. The party itself winds up being a lot of fun as they have Asian fetish school-girls dancing, old friends, and an accidental self-shooting on the part of one of Renae's body-guard that ends the party and brings the cops. Meanwhile Ben and Cam are busy in the subway and streets of New York as Ben is freaking out due to being high on PCP because of taking a hit from a random joint offered to him earlier in the day by someone in the entourage of the "Neanderthals", a group of ex-junkie fashion designers who are the hottest thing in the New York fashion scene presently. Watching the straight-laced Ben freak out on PCP and jump out of the moving subway before dunking his head in a fountain of water was some of the best comedy this show has supplied yet, and the ending to the episode with Ben and Cam finally arriving at their party and actually getting in touch with a sales rep who wants to carry their clothing wrapped it all up in that trademark feel-good way that the Entourage creators have done so well over the years. Much like with that now finished HBO series, when the characters on this show succeed in their career aspirations, you're actually happy for them because we've gotten to know them and actually like them for the most part. Good acting, good music, good writing...all in all a very promising start to season two of How to Make It in America.