How to Make It in America

Season 2 Episode 6

I'm Sorry, Who's Yosi?

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 06, 2011 on HBO

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  • An Offer You Can't Refuse


    After Ben and Nancy's wild night together the girls from Gadzooks solidify the order of 5500 units for production and they suggest Nancy's (surprise!) husband Yosi to fill the order. Ben is shocked at this news and Yosi is kind and awesome and wants Crisp to sign and be his next big thing, after giving them a 10,000 dollar advance they mull it over. The two go to Capo to learn if the deal's legit but in the middle of their conversation Capo is asked by the FBI to come speak to him for questioning to which he tries to run but is taken away. Ok, if he is in trouble for using the company for insider trading wouldn't he be under investigation by the SEC, which would handle this type of investigation 100% of all times. Great work HBO writers! (not). Ben and Nancy agree that they will never sleep together again and just do business while Cam and LuLu continue their relationship. Rachel, who sabotages everything I've noticed recently, is given an assignment by her boss and skips out to go visit the Neanderthal guy from last night and write an article on him instead. Now I'm no expert, but I know enough that when your boss tells you to do something and shoots down your idea you do what they say instead no matter how dreamy and easy going the subject of the refused story is. Rene gets heat from the Caribbean community leader who almost got set on fire at the protest by Wilfredo. He agrees to a sitdown to stop the bad press but when the guy tries to shakedown Rene for 10% of profits he says this means war and storms out. I wouldn't stand for that crap either were I him, it's a legitimate business, although kinda racist I must admit. Yosi has a birthday party on a boat in the the Bay where Ben and Cam sign the contract with Yosi, and Ben ends up sleeping with Nancy again at the end of the episode. Come on Ben, keep it in your pants man this'll ruin everything. Sex is great, but not worth that much loss.