How to Make It in America

Season 2 Episode 2

In or Out

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 09, 2011 on HBO

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  • Can't Knock the Hustle


    Ben and Cam learn of a brunch with a big time designer from LuLu who she'll introduce them to and it could be a big opportunity for Crisp. Rachel has an interview with a magazine and thoroughly impresses when her new boss calls her "hip" and that they need her to fill her demographic from the magazine. Cam's attempts to seal the deal with LuLu go awry when her seeming boyfriend comes around and takes her off to the Hamptons. Rene blackmails someone in the marketing agency (Bubbles from the Wire) to work for him to pay off his debt. When they meet at the agency and say that the best way to market Rosta Monsta is to hire a professional skateboarder to perform an insane stunt in support of their brand the viral publicity would take care of the exposure they to get into the mainstream. So Rene also works to track down the crazy skateboarder from last season that Ben and Cam designed their skateboards for. Cam looks at getting an apartment while Rachel does some soul searching with the help of Domingo in his new Canines and Cannabis business and they may have erupted a romantic spark of sorts. Ben and Cam go to the designer party without LuLu because she gets stuck in the Hamptons but take their samples from a rep that seemed a little underpowered and over eager to take them on as clients. When they get there they make fools out of themselves by almost starting a fight in kid's room of the house and leave their duffel bag with all their samples left behind. When Ben goes back to get it he apologizes for his behavior and makes it clear that he wants to work with her and she says she'll keep it in mind. Great start, much better than last season as there is so much more happening now that the business is up and running and they just need exposure. The parallels of Crisp and Rosta Monsta needing the same thing in marketing is endearing and the male comradery is what make this show so unique.