How to Make It in America

Season 2 Episode 4

It's Not Even Like That

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 23, 2011 on HBO

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  • It's Not Even Like That


    Now that we're halfway through the season officially it's good to see things moving along so swimmingly. LuLu and Cam begin a relationship of sorts. Nancy tells Ben that Cam and him need a new shot book for a potential buyer coming into town on Monday so they ask Domingo to model for them. But Domingo stumbles telling Ben about him and Rachel and he doesn't take it well when Rachel tells him details that Domingo wasn't forthcoming about. Cam has to wrestle LuLu's dad to be able to shoot in his place and he manages to beat him. Ben asks Rachel to go to their friends' wedding whom they set up at their high school while Capo stresses about giving the best man speech which, once he throws out the script manages to be rather heartfelt and real. He reveals to Ben and he is being investigated by the SEC for insider trading of sorts and may go to prison. The phrase as the title of the episode is fitting as it is all about misunderstanding. It's clear that Nancy has a sort of thing for Ben and that may become something. But the loss of Domingo maeks them shoot LuLu's father instead and it turns out rather well. So there's a lot hanging in the air right now but it'll all come to something. Rene buys his girlfriend some diamond earrings but when a giant order comes in with the success with his viral video with Wilfredo on the net he tries to swindle some fake earrings on her to pay for the difference and instead goes to a more forceful way of getting the funds.