How to Make It in America

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 30, 2011 on HBO

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  • A Night on the Town


    When Nancy gets two reps named Kirsten and Kristen in from St. Louis and their distributor doesn't like the Neanderthal prints they sent in Ben and Cam recommend Crisp for the fresh new look they're going for. Nancy doesn't agree and says that they couldn't fill the order and that they aren't that type. Cam insists that they go for it anyway and "accidentally" run into the girls and ask them to have a night out with them at a club that Capo gets them into. Rachel struggles with her new job at Biscuit doodling and pulling ideas out of nowhere for her articles and work. For some reason the writers have Rachel reevaluate everything going on midseason, not that it's bad, Rachel just seems like one of the most conflicted characters on this show and maybe that's why she and Ben were made for each other because they both suffer so much for love. Domingo makes amends with Ben while entertaining his friend from out of town. He and Rachel stay awkward over his guilt of betraying Ben. When Ben and Cam try to force Crisp into conversation they get shot down but when they see the hoodie on Domingo's friend they love it and call Nancy to put in an order for them. LuLu and Rachel go to a hipster's party in a house owned by a guy who wants to own a winery in his backyard. Rene tries to call Debby and make amends now that his business is expanding out into the greater state area it's bittersweet. He goes to her house and she says her daughter has put in with the wrong crowd. Rene goes to retrieve her from the lesbians she's hanging out with and tells her he knows what it's like for having other people see you in a way you aren't. He returns her safe and sound but doesn't get Debby back, my heart really goes out to Rene since he obviously cares about and her and wants to love but it just can't be. It's a really sincere moment that his character doesn't often get. Ben and Nancy end up in a taxi cab home together and end up having sex as I thought they eventually would. Don't know what to think now at this point with their hooking up affecting their working relationship or anything. Looks to be an interesting second half to this season.