How to Make It in America

Season 2 Episode 3

Money, Power, Private School

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 16, 2011 on HBO

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  • Unafraid


    Ben and Julie break up after she confesses she doesn't know where they're going. When Rachel finds out about this she is ambivalent. Domingo and Cam begin their arrangement of drive and sell with both of their business ventures. Rene preps for Wilfredo's stunt for Rosta Monsta and his new girlfriend makes him extra excited when she says she'll bring along her daughter to introduce to him. Ben and Cam get a call from Nancy saying that she has a job for them. She wants them to design a T-shirt for the private middle school that her son attends, Cam wants to say know but Ben sees it as an easy way to get their foot in the door with her. Cam gets busy with getting into his new apartment, Ben telling Rachel he only wants to be friends after she gives him a 1200 dollar trunk she told him she got for nothing makes her sad. Rachel goes to Domingo to get high but ultimately they sleep together and might be turning into a thing. Cam meets Lulu's dad, an artist, who takes a liking to Cam and tells him about cooking to which Cam takes to heart and tries to schmooze his way closer to Lulu. At first the students in charge hate the shirt Ben makes but Cam having learned that the truth is important to sell art capitalizes on the rich kid aspect of the education to which the students finally like. Andy Sussman calls saying that he wants to be back in with Crisp but Ben says thanks but no thanks. At Rene's stunt track before Wilfredo can his thing an angry man comes out of the crowd saying Rosta Monsta is an abomination, Wilfredo attacks the guy with a flaming scarf and sets the ramp on fire, effectively ruining it. But I feel that if that goes viral it could be better than any stunt could be, arson attacks are worth watching and that just may be what's in store. As usually Kid Cudi steals his screen time and his chill as clams attitude makes me happy he gets more of a spotlight appearance this season as opposed to last, and business is moving along. Oh and Nancy's comment to Ben on his "cute ears" this could be detrimental and she could have sexual feelings towards him, but that's just a prediction no need to get ahead of myself.