How to Make It in America

HBO (ended 2011)


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  • Same Story, New Setting

    How to Make it In America follows two twenty-somethings Ben Epstein and Cameron Calderon from the Lower East Side of Manhattan who want to make some money with a legitimate business venture in a jean line that they call Crisp. Cam's cousin Rene, just out of jail, shows another side of economics by being a big investor and contributor to a new energy drink from the Caribbean called Rosta Monsta that needs some serious marketing. Constant roadblocks pop up along the eight episode first season that make it worthwhile when the boys finally make some dough by making a few hundred t-shirts for a big clothing distributor named Haraki. The show is the same old tired story about bromances and friends doing business much like Entourage but set in New York. The difference in How to Make It is that the clothing industry is an intriguing front to delve into as a show and supporting characters like Ben rich's wallstreet friend and Domingo (Kid Cudi) showing up make it a step above the hare brained partying non stop of Entourage. But with only eight episodes it doesn't give us much of an intro into the business itself so much as their attempts to just get a pair of jeans made and that right there is only first four episodes. But this is just some decent groundwork for what can prove to be a legitimately entertaining series.