How to Make It in America

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  • Season 1 - 7/10......... Season 2 - 9/10

    How To Make It In America is centralised around characters Ben and Cam, who are trying to break into the New York City fashion industry. There is also Renee, a "legitimate" businessman who is trying to make a name for himself with a Jamaican energy drink brand. The show's central characters, Ben and Cam, struggle to make a name for themselves and want to "make it in America" with their up and coming clothing brand - Crisp.

    The first thing i notice about this show is the great music and the fact that it's impeccably textured. The actors and characters in season 1 didn't seem all that appealing at first, and initially obvious elements from entourage were used, hence why i was sceptical if this show would keep me interested. Much to my surprise, it became very engaging after a few episodes. Season 1 was only 8 episodes, quite good but nothing to write home about.

    Season 2, however, was a whole different story. Season 2 was much more dynamic, engaging and interesting throughout. The actors are nothing amazing, but this season i connected with them so much more. One actor who was impressing for me was Kid Cudi (Domingo) who i thought couldn't act for 5h1t. This season still had good music, good texture and many funny things about it. Although, often the show took serious turns which worked very well in my opinion. The drama, frustration between the central and supporting characters felt very real - it's like you, the watcher just want them to do well. Moreover, for some reason at the end of season 2 i felt inspired myself - not in fashion, but it has a certain effect that imposes you to follow your goals, resolutions or whatever you are looking for. The season 2 finale was magnificent might i add; and when i found out How To Make It In America was axed it left a hole in the heart that is my television.

    This show had a lot of potential to be something more. Engaging plot, flawless visuals, intriguing characters, stellar script and great music. Despite the fact that it is no longer with us - i genuinely feel that you, the reader of this review, should give it a watch. I definitely would recommend it.