How to Make It in America

Season 2 Episode 7

The Friction

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 13, 2011 on HBO

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  • The Commencement of Crisp (Spoilers Ahead)


    Yosi introduces Ben and Cam to a new space where their new HQ would be. He drops the bomb that in addition to them working for him and learning to trade while doing it the brand would be changed to "Crisp by Yosi" which is a total rape of their original title and what Crisp is about. Ben goes to Nancy who tells him that the money that they make from Yosi and the stuff that they will be doing will start their careers in the industry and without him there's nothing. Ben and Cam try to see if they can make it alone by manufacturing their own Gadzooks hoodies but the money doesn't come through. Ben and Cam have a falling out as Ben decides to take the deal essentially when Cam won't and Kristen and Kirsten reveal that Nancy set them up with Yosi, not them. Rene gets heat from rumors that Rasta Monsta is a drug front for weed which he denies and he gets a massive order for it from a sponsor. Capo faces prison time and looks to Rene to help him out on the inside and when he sprays the Rasta Spray he gives up Cam and Domingo for it, who at that instant are going on a road trip since they can't sell it in NYC because of Rene but they get jacked by some dudes from the East Caribbean League who want Rene to make peace with them. Rachel gets fired from Biscuit for writing her Neanderthal article anyway and chills with their leader again and they shroom out and go to a sauna or something, kind of a misleading storyline that didn't give us anything. With Domingo and Cam getting robbed they will have to find Rene, who finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant, who will punish them surely and will have to negotiate a deal for his business to sustain. This either the beginning or the end of Crisp and Rasta Monsta respectively as the future rides on people selling out or sticking to their guns. I just wanna say that it's totally unfair that Domingo is marketing Rene's copyright to sell drugs when Rene tries so hard to live straight now that he owns a business. Good episode, and surely a lead in to what will may indeed be a great season finale.