How to Make It in America

Season 2 Episode 8

What's In A Name?

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 20, 2011 on HBO

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  • The Cost of Doing Business (Spoiler Alert)


    After Ben and Cam's falling out last week Ben informs Yosi that they're in with Crisp by Yosi. Cam tries to put things right with Domingo after getting the spray jacked by the Caribbean League. Part of Rene's plan to strike back ends up in him grabbing the wrong guy but gives him enough leverage against Everton (the Caribbean leader) to back off. Cam and Domingo face down a gun in the guy's office and Rene and Everton settle their differences and admit that Rene can have business in their neighborhood after all, even with one of Everton's underlings trying a rap on for Rene. Ben uses one of Yosi's designers to make a logo for Yosi's idea and ends up using a different style for "Crunch By Yosi" instead and when Yosi confronts him after they agree not to do business together anymore he tells him that he knows that he used one of his underlings to help him. But Ben takes it as he knows about him and Nancy and Yosi punches him in the head. Capo reminded Ben that business is great but it's who you do business with that really matters. Ben goes to Nancy who says that he didn't need to tell Yosi at all and that when shopping his look book around her fashion friends called it "juvenile" and "lacking vision" and when she told Ben that he didn't have a career in fashion he righteously said eff you. Rachel faces a crisis and goes to her old boss to get her old job back but she is refused. But she approached theNeanderthalleader to be their official publicist for a sizable amount per month and she accepts. Capo prepares to go to jail for his 50 days and the boys face a night out and Ben and Cam make good and it's revealed that they got in touch with Andy Sussman after all and that the Gadzooks deal will go through and that they will purchase a place to have their official offices in. Capo even gets lucky with the girl who showed Cam his apartment. This end of the season has taught the audience a valuable lesson, that sometime in business you have to be a whore but only when your pimp is good or trustworthy enough. Hope that there's a season three on the way, better season then 1 in almost every possible way but they could've closed up the Domingo/Rachel thing without all of the loose ends associated with it.