How To Marry A Millionaire

(ended 1959)


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  • Season 2
    • A Husband for Julia
      Mike is dating a Wealthy Millionaire Named Tony Marsh who won't marry Mike because he doesn't want to leave his sister Julia Marsh alone.His sister Julia Marsh is in Love with a man and wants to marry him though won't because she doesn't want to leave her brother alone.The girls help Julia Marry her boyfriend.When Julia Marries,her brother Tony marries his other girlfriend and not Mike.moreless
    • The Comic
      The Comic
      Episode 12
      Loco is dating A Wealthy Millionaire named Mr Robert E Harper.
    • Love on Approval
      Love on Approval
      Episode 11
      Alma Ferguson is a housekeeper in the girls building who has been corresponding with a wealthy Millionaire and he thinks she lives in the girls Penthouse and he is coming to Meet her.
    • The Seal Who Came to Dinner
      Mike is dating Mr Paul Wadsworth a wealthy Millionaire.He and his Mother Mrs Wadsworth are coming to dinner at the penthouse.
    • The Golf Tournament
      The Girls Meet Wealthy Millionaires at The Golf Tournament.
    • The Method
      The Method
      Episode 8
      Loco dates A Wealthy Millionaire who tells her he is a poor boy.The Wealthy Millionaire wants to be an actor and is pretending to be poor.
    • Loco, the Teenager
      Loco poses as a 14 year old named "Lillian Jones".
    • Gwen's Secret
      Gwen's Secret
      Episode 6
      Mr. Clooney the cleaning man told Mike and Gwen he had just finished cleaning the windows in the kitchen and was going t clean the girl's windows in their bedrooms and he would be all finished. The girls told him Okay. Mike and Gwen are listening to the news on the radio. The man giving the news reported that another crime happened in the Park Avenue section. The apartment of Mrs J Albert Reynolds had been robbed. Gwen told Mike that Mrs J Albert Reynolds lived in the next block away from them. The man giving the news on the radio told that the man who robbed Mrs J Albert Reynolds had stolen jewelry and escaped by slugging the doorman on duty. It was the 3rd major crime in a week in the area and police were looking for the man. Loco comes home and asks Mike and Gwen did they hear there was another robbery. Gwen tells Loco that they had just heard it on the radio. Loco tells them it's just not safe on the streets anymore. Loco tells Mike that's a Great idea in could fit right in Mike's purse. Mike asks Loco What could fit in her purse? Loco tells Mike that knife. Good protection. Mike and Gwen look at each other. The knife is a butter knife. Mike tells Gwen they should call her Mike McCall fastest butter knife in the East. Loco tells the girls that she still thinks Mike and Gwen should have joined that Judo course like she did.Loco had her 1st Lesson Today. Gwen asks Loco how does Loco think Judo is going to help her. Mike wanted to know also. Gwen asks what is Loco supposed to do besides run? Loco tells Mike and Gwen she learned that in the Judo course. Mike tells Gwen just give her her trusty butter knife anytime. Gwen tells Loco that they have a police force and she doesn't think Loco should fight crime alone. Loco asks what if the police aren't around? What if that man broke in their penthouse apartment and tried to rob them of everything. Mr. Clooney enters the room without telling them. Loco is surprised. Loco throws Mr Clooney on the floor thinking he's a burglar. Loco tells the girls they better call the police.Mike tells Loco that Loco just threw Mr Clooney the window cleaner. Loco asks is he the burglar? Gwen tells Mr Clooney that they are very sorry these robberies have them worried.the girls help him off the floor. Loco is embarrassed and sorry if she hurt his feelings. Mr. Clooney tells the girls that his main worry used to be falling out of windows. Mr. Clooney leaves. Mike tells Loco that Loco really has to calm down. Just because there's been some robberies in he neighborhood they shouldn't get carried away. Gwen tells Loco and Mike they should discuss it at dinner. Gwen has an important business Meeting. Mike asks Gwen An important Business Meeting at night? Gwen tells Loco and Mike that Gwen is in charge of publicity of that new TV Show, Who Am I? and Gwen has to be at the producer's office at 9, it's a crisis. Loco asks Gwen isn't going to go out at night is she? Gwen tells Loco don't worry that if anyone bothers her she will pretend they are a window cleaner and throw them on the floor. Gwen is in charge of guarding Gene Ralston a secret celebrity who is going to be a mystery guest for the TV show Who Am I? and Gwen isn't supposed to tell anyone anything about him when he moves into the vacant penthouse apartment in the girl's building the next door penthouse apartment of the girls pretending to be a lumber man named Tommy Russell. The elevator man doesn't know anything about him and tells Loco that all he knew is the man was moving in the building for a few days. Loco thinks he is a burglar. She doesn't like his looks. He's like a real criminal. Mike tells Loco calm down. Loco tells Mike he has a awful beard. Gwen comes home. Loco tells Gwen that they are in trouble. Gwen tells Loco that they aren't in trouble. They don't have to pay the rent for 3 weeks. Loco tells Gwen that the most horrible man moved in next door. Gwen asks what? Loco thinks he's a burglar. Mike tells Gwen that Loco thinks their new neighbor is a combination Jack the Ripper and Bluebeard.Loco tells Mike no his beard is brown. Loco tells the girls the should call the police. Gwen tells Loco ever since these robberies began Loco has been suspecting everyone. Gwen tells Loco that the man next door is a business man in lumber. Mike asks how did Gwen find out? Gwen tells Mike that the elevator man told her. Loco tells Gwen that that's funny because the elevator man told her he didn't know anything. Gwen tells Loco the elevator man just found out. Gwen tells Them the man's name is Obermeyer and he's in town for a business trip. Mike tells Loco they could relax now. Gwen tells the girls she needs to go out again. Loco tells Gwen it isn't safe to go out alone. Loco calls the police.moreless
    • The Three Stacked Stockholders
      The Girls Go To The Stockholders Meeting in Hopes Of Meeting Wealthy Millionaires.
    • Guest with a Gun
      Guest with a Gun
      Episode 4
      Loco and her boyfriend capture a jewel thief.
    • Hit and Run
      Hit and Run
      Episode 3
      Loco and her boyfriend capture a jewel thief.
    • What's Cookin' with Loco?
      Loco Has Cooking Lessons From Agnes.
    • Cherchez La Roomate
      The 2nd season begins with Loco and Mike coming home from Greta's wedding.
  • Season 1