How to Rock

Nickelodeon (ended 2012)



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How to Rock

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After Kacey Simon gets glasses and braces, she is kicked out of the popular group of kids at school. Joining a new band called Gravity 5, Kacey will show the world How to Rock!

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  • The worst year-late arrival yet.

    I still cannot beileve nickelodeon UK aired this series a YEAR LATE. Bleh, must've proven how this show lasted for only ONE SEASON.

    Moving on, the title is VERY MISLEADING; they never sing ROCK N ROLL SONGS. Just autotuned POP junk. Want to hear a heavy metal song equilivent to Black Rock Shooter? You've come to the wrong place.

    The main character is a person who tries to solve everything and cannot sing. Another character is a total Pegasister, i mean Ponies for everything? COME ON!!! Yet another character are a pair of B-plot idiots that mess with everything.

    This doesn't even deserve one out of ten.moreless
  • Hey guys this is the ...

    worst show in history I hate it like my comment if you hate
  • How to make a BS tv show!

    This show is so horrible! And what the hell is up with her name? Kacey!? What is she, a Kardashian?
  • How to get axed after one season!

    I've seen a few episodes of this show, and it SUCKS. Stevie and Nelson are the worst, Zander (Max Schneider, Great actor) is the only decent character in the whole series. The whole show is about this girl called Kasey 'awful poser' Simon, who gets braces and glasses, so her band (The Perfs) decides to axe her from the band. So she joins this ''Great'' band called Gravity 4, with her in it it's now Gravity 5. There is a different lesson for every episode. AWFUL. Stevie is a GIRL. What kind of girl is called STEVIE. Anyways, when Kasey makes the wrong decision, she storms off whining about how Kasey makes the wrong decision, and then The other people in G5 tell Kasey to ''do the right thing and say sorry to stevie!'' Nelson, worse, much, much, much worse. He is a complete airhead, Kevin is a little bit smarter, but Nelson is just sad. I'm very glad this has been cancelled.

    AWFUL SHOWmoreless
  • How to Get a lower Rating

    Lmao i Only seen half of the trailer on this shit and it is stupid as hell im not kidding

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