How to Rock

Nickelodeon (ended 2012)


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How to Rock

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After Kacey Simon gets glasses and braces, she is kicked out of the popular group of kids at school. Joining a new band called Gravity 5, Kacey will show the world How to Rock!

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  • How to Suck

    Title says it all.
  • A nice show

    I just don't understand why everyone hates this show. It's really good and funny. Better than all that Disney garbage and only FEW Nick shows.
  • Haters!

    Ok How to Rock Haters!

    First of all why do you hate this show so much? Its trying to make you get rid of self-doubt and be proud to be you! There is a really good message in this show, name another show that has one! You cant! Other nickelodeon shows are not half of good as how to rock!

    Cymphonique Miller who plays Kacey Simon is getting loads of hate about how she cant sing and shes not ready to have her own show. Well, she has been singing since she was 12! She is now 18! Wheres your music on the televison!? And she is ready and deserves her own show of all the hard works shes done! Also she was the one to inspire young girls to be themselves and not let anyone judge you or get to you because nearly every girl trys to be someone there not to fit in, she says to be yourself like she is being her self, perfect!

    How to Rock is the best show nickelodeon had and should have had a second season. Every Witch Way is the worst show ever to be aired on nickelodeon, terrible acting and DOESNT have a message to give to young people about being themselfs and that show got a second season!

    Haters have been saying nearly every show has a dumb blond like Grace King(played by Halston Sage) well here is shows that DONT!


    2)The Haunted Hathaways

    3)Drake and Josh

    4)The Thundermans

    5) Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn

    6)Big Time Rush

    7) See Dad Run

    So there you go! Thats just some on Nickelodeon!

    I loved How to Rock. It made me think that i could make my dream of acting come true when i didnt have the confindence to do anything. It made me believe that im perfect and i shouldnt care what people think of me because im perfect in my own way

    If you dont like the show, u shouldnt waste your time writing bad comments about it! This show How to Rock was the best show ever!

    Been searching down the reviews, wow you people are so mean! How to rock is amazing!

    Ok pick one:

    1) Go watch something you like and quit wasting everyone's time

    2)Waste you time writing a stupid review about a show YOU don't like

    Quit being so much in your little selfish lives and try doing someone good for yourself!

    PS-Someone wrote "What kind of name is Kacey?!" Well that can really offend me since my sisters name is Kacey so think twice about what you write or dont write at all!moreless
  • *Face palms really hard*

  • More like How to FAIL!

    This is my next review after The Thundermans and The Haunted Hathaways. I'm still watching Gordy. Gordy is the CEO now! If you really wanna rock WATCH GORDY! It's on Netflix.

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