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  • A nice show

    I just don't understand why everyone hates this show. It's really good and funny. Better than all that Disney garbage and only FEW Nick shows.
  • Haters!

    Ok How to Rock Haters!

    First of all why do you hate this show so much? Its trying to make you get rid of self-doubt and be proud to be you! There is a really good message in this show, name another show that has one! You cant! Other nickelodeon shows are not half of good as how to rock!

    Cymphonique Miller who plays Kacey Simon is getting loads of hate about how she cant sing and shes not ready to have her own show. Well, she has been singing since she was 12! She is now 18! Wheres your music on the televison!? And she is ready and deserves her own show of all the hard works shes done! Also she was the one to inspire young girls to be themselves and not let anyone judge you or get to you because nearly every girl trys to be someone there not to fit in, she says to be yourself like she is being her self, perfect!

    How to Rock is the best show nickelodeon had and should have had a second season. Every Witch Way is the worst show ever to be aired on nickelodeon, terrible acting and DOESNT have a message to give to young people about being themselfs and that show got a second season!

    Haters have been saying nearly every show has a dumb blond like Grace King(played by Halston Sage) well here is shows that DONT!


    2)The Haunted Hathaways

    3)Drake and Josh

    4)The Thundermans

    5) Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn

    6)Big Time Rush

    7) See Dad Run

    So there you go! Thats just some on Nickelodeon!

    I loved How to Rock. It made me think that i could make my dream of acting come true when i didnt have the confindence to do anything. It made me believe that im perfect and i shouldnt care what people think of me because im perfect in my own way

    If you dont like the show, u shouldnt waste your time writing bad comments about it! This show How to Rock was the best show ever!

    Been searching down the reviews, wow you people are so mean! How to rock is amazing!

    Ok pick one:

    1) Go watch something you like and quit wasting everyone's time

    2)Waste you time writing a stupid review about a show YOU don't like

    Quit being so much in your little selfish lives and try doing someone good for yourself!

    PS-Someone wrote "What kind of name is Kacey?!" Well that can really offend me since my sisters name is Kacey so think twice about what you write or dont write at all!
  • *Face palms really hard*

  • More like How to FAIL!

    This is my next review after The Thundermans and The Haunted Hathaways. I'm still watching Gordy. Gordy is the CEO now! If you really wanna rock WATCH GORDY! It's on Netflix.
  • Horrible

    So stereotypical it's annoying as hell, the only good thing about it was the theme song. The theme song had a really good message.
  • No, Nickelodeon, just no.

    How to Rock is a show about a girl called Kacey Simon. As always, she wants to be a singer just like the stereotypical shows about music. She used to be in a band called the Perfs but she got kicked out and joined Gravity 5 instead. Where could this go wrong?


    Basically Kacey, Molly and Grace are in a band called 'the Perfs' which is supposed to be the most perfect band in the world (not). In the pilot episode, Kacey ends up needing braces and glasses so she gets them and returns to school only to have Molly kicking her out of the band for looking geeky. After that, Kacey is no longer popular and she becomes a laughing stock for the school and with a lot of persuasion Stevie let's her join Gravity 5.

    First off, the plot is stupid and stereotypical and I don't understand why Molly kicks Kacey out of the band for a reason as superficial as that.


    As usual, there's stereotypes and some of these characters are clones of . Farm characters.

    Kacey: She's basically the former popular girl who gets kicked out of the Perfs for being a geek and she is pretty much the boy crazy idiot who thinks she can sing, just like Chyna from . Farm (although Chyna is better when it comes to singing). Also, she is quite bossy and rude to her new band at times and she thinks she's perfect when she isn't.

    Molly: She's basically a brunette Lexi Reed. Like Lexi from . Farm she's obsessed with being popular and pretty and she's obsessed with taking down the main character and ruining their reputation. She treats people like shit just like Lexi too. I bet that the both of them would get along really well...

    Grace: The dumb blonde. I've had enough of dumb blonde characters in shows like this, blondes can be smart people too! She's just like Paisley from . Farm and she's basically got a really low IQ level which is on the same line as Paisley's.

    Stevie: She's basically the tomboyish character with a like/hate relationship for Kacey. She's the only character I can tolerate in this abysmal train wreck.

    Kevin: He's dumb just like Cameron from . Farm and he tries way too hard to be funny.

    Nelson: Basically the same as Kevin.

    Zander: He's basically like a mix of Cameron and Fletcher from . Farm, trying to date girls way out of his league.


    I just can't say much about the jokes except for the fact that the stupid laugh track is like a broken record that you just want to hit with a mallet.

    Moral values:

    There is none at all.


    Overall, this show is getting a 1. It seems that Nickelodeon is desperate for ideas and they're copying Disney by using shitty actors (if you can say that) playing stereotypical characters with no personality whatsoever, overdone formulas, an annoyingly repetitive laugh track and jokes which aren't even funny. I'm sorry Nickelodeon but if you wanna step up your game you're gonna have to create shows which people will actually enjoy instead of following Disney's route.
  • The worst year-late arrival yet.

    I still cannot beileve nickelodeon UK aired this series a YEAR LATE. Bleh, must've proven how this show lasted for only ONE SEASON.

    Moving on, the title is VERY MISLEADING; they never sing ROCK N ROLL SONGS. Just autotuned POP junk. Want to hear a heavy metal song equilivent to Black Rock Shooter? You've come to the wrong place.

    The main character is a person who tries to solve everything and cannot sing. Another character is a total Pegasister, i mean Ponies for everything? COME ON!!! Yet another character are a pair of B-plot idiots that mess with everything.

    This doesn't even deserve one out of ten.
  • Hey guys this is the ...

    worst show in history I hate it like my comment if you hate
  • How to make a BS tv show!

    This show is so horrible! And what the hell is up with her name? Kacey!? What is she, a Kardashian?
  • How to get axed after one season!

    I've seen a few episodes of this show, and it SUCKS. Stevie and Nelson are the worst, Zander (Max Schneider, Great actor) is the only decent character in the whole series. The whole show is about this girl called Kasey 'awful poser' Simon, who gets braces and glasses, so her band (The Perfs) decides to axe her from the band. So she joins this ''Great'' band called Gravity 4, with her in it it's now Gravity 5. There is a different lesson for every episode. AWFUL. Stevie is a GIRL. What kind of girl is called STEVIE. Anyways, when Kasey makes the wrong decision, she storms off whining about how Kasey makes the wrong decision, and then The other people in G5 tell Kasey to ''do the right thing and say sorry to stevie!'' Nelson, worse, much, much, much worse. He is a complete airhead, Kevin is a little bit smarter, but Nelson is just sad. I'm very glad this has been cancelled.

  • How to Suck

    Terrible. Just terrible. I might say I like the cast, but not not the show they did. Unfortunately, this show should have never gotten picked up at all, not even the pilot. I apologize, but you just gotta keep this review on here. I really would like to see anyone on this show in a different show or movie.
  • What the fuck...

    What kind of message is this show giving? That if you have braces and glasses you're a nerd? The plot's horrible! It's basically about this bitchy popular girl who's overly-concerned about her social status and fitting in that gets braces and glasses and becomes unpopular. And every episode is about her trying to become popular again with her new friends (who she can be a real bitch to). This show sets a terrible example for kids! It's basically telling them that if you suddenly become a nerd because of your appearance, try as hard you can to become cool again and get revenge on anyone who makes fun of you. Thankfully it was cancelled after its first season...
  • I never saw this show appear again after it first appeared. Like Sanjay and Craig.

    Stupid, Corny, And LAME.
  • I'm glad it's only on TeenNick, far away...

    Yet another show about popularity and 'fitting in', with dumb blondes. I'm just glad it far away from TV. I couldn't stand anymore of the 'fitting in' plots, where they're only trying to get more popular and say they're teaching the popular kids a lesson, but they're really not. Finally, Nick does us a favor and cancels it quickly.
  • How to Suck

    This show is terrible. It's all about who can be more popular. Also they copied an episode of that's so Raven where she accidentally smashes the sculpture that Chelsea made, and Raven pretended to be the sculpture so that Chelsea wouldn't find out. The same plot happened on "How to Rock a Statue". Cymphonic is a pretty good singer, but she's a horrible actress.
  • How to Rock needs to learn from actual musicians.

    If this show was about "How to Rock" I expect real rock songs and not that generic pop shit with a generic storyline, boring characters,and dull scenarios.
  • How To Waste Thirty Minutes of Your Life

    Along with Marvin Marvin, this crappy show has also been canceled. Hallelujah! I saw the pilot and I decided to never watch it again. And by looking at most of these reviews, it seems like I made a good decision. Nick is cancelling all its shows and replacing them with new ones. Bad mistake. And then with the new shows, they cancel them after one season usually. I honestly love musical shows, but this one was a lump of horse balls.

    I wont even bother wasting my time ranting about how much I dislike each character, because they all suck. Nick used to be my top favorite channel, but now it turned to crap. I dont even have a favorite channel anymore because they're all being taken over by messy shows. So its a good thing this show crashed and burned.
  • Why Nickelodeon?!?!?

    What kind of show title is How to Rock?!? This show makes no sense. Worst show in my opinion. glad it got cancelled so fast!
  • HOW TO..

  • Just bad...

    She isn't popular anymore just because of the way she looks and pretty much the entire show is about popularity and whos more popular!!
  • How to Suck

  • How To Rock: OK

    I thought that the show was okay but it wouldn't be something I watch all the time. I liked the first 5 episodes and then it got boring and I never knew when it was on. I watched the last episode. I'm not very surprised that Nickelodeon cancelled the show.
  • How to Fail at Life and School

    what the show SHOULD have been called. I didn't even know it wasn't cancelled till now.

    *Does mini dance of victory*

    Anyway, no need to say don't watch it. Just know that it's the same usual crap you get from kids tv shows these days, with stale jokes and alla bout POPULARITAY!! and teaching everyone that your outer image is all that matters.

    After the first episode, it was all ridiculous. So I'm giving it a one.
  • i like to How to Rock

    Well, recently Nick has gone on a downward spiral -- BIGTIME. It's introducing the WORST SHOW IN TELEVISION HISTORY. Marvin, Marvin?! Come on, Nick, you're WAY better than that. Since iCarly ended, How to Rock is the only watchable show on that cable network. I absolutely love this show. it isnt on enough, and its really really funny.
  • a show that deserves to be called every bad word in the world

    this show if HORRIBLE! i'd rather watch victorious than this piece of crap! the humour falls flat and not even funny! i never even smirked! and i can't stand the laugh track! they spam the laugh track nearly everytime a character says something. the main character can't sing! i'd rather listen to miley curus! also, why is this show called How To Rock? they're songs are POP songs! it should be called "How To Pop" this is another one of those nick sitcoms that fail at being funny. im out!
  • Nick is dead

    It's official, Nick is DEAD. This show is just another example of how horrible Nick has gotten. It's just another un funny sitcom with a teenage girl, and she tries to sing. She can't sing, the laugh track is over used, and I can't believe this show was even aired. The first time I saw the trailer for this show, I thought it would be bad, BUT I gave it a chance so I could at least know if it was good or not. It was terrible. Un original, and just a mess. I miss the old Nick. With the funny CARTOONS. But when they make cartoons, they are awful, like Fan boy and Chum Chum. I think Nick just stopped caring about what they are putting on air. Since they don't care about us, I won't care about them, so I won't watch Nick anymore. Bottom line, this show sucks.
  • how to suck at singing and acting

    are you for real nick this show just ruined your channel you should just stick with the shows you have and cancel that show nobody likes this show.
  • How to Suck at making a TV Show

    How to Rock is about Kacey Simon who was once a popular girl, and once a mean girl. But then her status goes down when she has to wear braces and glasses and becomes ignored by her fellow mean girl friends. Kacey then has to find a new way to express herself through music by becoming a leed singer for a Hip-Hop band called Gravity Four but now is called Gravity Five beacause Kacey is the new member and lead singer of the band. So far I watch 1 episode. And I don't like it. No, really. ONE EPISODE AND I DON'T LIKE IT!!!!!! Most of the episodes in How to Rock have "How to Rock" in them. The 1 episode I watched was god awful. WTF?! Disney copyrights! That's A.N.T Farm and Shake it Up! Then again, I don't like those. The one episode I watch was How to Rock a Music Video. Didn't like this. In this episode, Gravity Five makes a music video. Now at first, they can't because of Kacey's and stubborness attitude. But then she apoligize, of course, and they go back to makng a music. This show is so bland, boring, and unitersteting.

    Final Score: 1.0

    Grade: F-
  • How NOT to produce a TV Show

    When I first saw the trailer for this, I knew it was going to be another shitty sitcom. How to Rock is basically just another show about a teenage girl trying to get famous and having arch-rivals, as always. This show honestly isn't all that funny. I'm just tired of seeing all the same shit on television, I want something different! Enough with all of the stuck-up teenage girls trying to be famous and acting like complete brats!
  • Woohoo! It's been cancelled! Not really a surprise though, this show sucked.

    Thank god, I could tell this show was going to be cancelled after I saw the trailer months ago! Nick is finally getting rid of all these generic, cheesy live action shows about kids becoming musicians and being famous. All it took was a massive ratings drop and negative responses to these shows to make them realize how low they fallen. "How To Rock" had to be the worse show they've ever aired on the channel, even worse than "Bucket and Skinner". Just another show about music with a laugh track that goes off every few seconds even though nothing funny happened trying to recreate the short lived success of "Hannah Montana"which was an awful show. Hopefully they'll focus back to quality programming and creator driven cartoons like they did back in the 90s and early 2000s. I remember the days when Nickelodeon was a dedicated to kids and not tween girls like Disney Channel has done since "High School Musical". Though Disney Channel starting to add animated shows to replace the live action ones like "Gravity Falls" (big ratings success) and more to come in the year 2013. Hope Nick cancels "Big Time Rush" too and adds more Nicktoons to their schedule. And if they fire their new President, Cyma Zarghami and change the logo back to a splat, I'll fully regain my faith in Nickelodeon again.
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