How William Shatner Changed the World

Discovery Channel (ended 2005)



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How William Shatner Changed the World

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From flip phones to medical imaging, William Shatner lists these and many other examples of how the fictional U.S.S. Enterprise influenced the world of science in reality in this two-hour documentary. The special is based on Shatner's book "I'm Working on That," and features interviews with some of the famous inventors who were inspired by Star Trek.
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  • I got to see my old boss on TV, holding up the first cell phone!

    This documentary was fun. Not only did Wiiliam Shatner do his now-trademark over-the-top but self-deprecating acting, but I got a kick out of seeing my old boss Marty Cooper holding up the original Motorola cell phone, affectionately called "the brick", which he noted was inspired by the classic Star Trek communicator, even though it would be many years before it became the easy-to-handle Trek-like "flip phone" that we know today. It weighed 2 1/2 pounds! I got to design some of the integrated circuits for the second prototype that followed, which was barely over a pound and paved the way for the first production-line hand-held cell phone.moreless
  • Not only was this entertaining, it was informative as well.

    I had no idea just how much current technology had in common with the original series of Star Trek. I especially enjoyed the treatment of this program & adored the way Mr. Shatner poked fun at his own image. It's nice when famous people have a good time at their own expense.
  • Yes cutting edge this show is.

    Everything in this show is fact except the fiction.

    Although you might think its fact but fictionally based on a factual infostructure you might find yourself thinking what is this guy writing about and i tell you i just wanted to write a review and i could'nt find 50 words to say about this show so here it is...." this is good _ _ _ _ ."