How'd They Do That?

CBS (ended 1994)


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How'd They Do That?

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  • Mega-Planes; No one bothered to check their facts. I strongly do not recommend this series, based upon the material I watched regarding the 'Beluga' aircraft.

    Mega-Planes; Film jumps between Beluga aircraft #5 & #2, then claims only one aircraft exists. Claims aircraft is 'uglest to ever fly.' Lie. Beluga is based upon the Guppy/Super Guppy aircraft used by NASA to transport manned space capsules in the 70's.

    Claims wing transporter looks like something 'out of Science Fiction.' Lie, NASA used same style device. Existing Heavy Flat Transporter looks stranger. So do the two NASA Crawlers. Both build in the '60's. All tech shown regarding the Beluga are based on 1960's designs. Yet nothing is ever mentioned regarding this. This episode is so full of holes it would sink in the Dead Sea. Blatant over-hype and forced excitement with simple attempts to awe that only a very young child would be captured by. A complete waste of time, money and film. Whomever wrote this script needs to be fired.

    I wrote this.moreless
  • How\'d They Do That? was narrated by Pat O\'Brien and Dorothy Lucey. The hour long programs discussed a huge variety of topics from group skydiving to building the Chunnel (tunnel) under the English Channel. More than one topic was discussed each show.<moreless

    How\'d They Do That? is a fantastic show! I was hooked on it long before I liked other educational programs because the creators of the show worked hard at keeping it light-hearted and entertaining. The amazing variety of topics and fantastic photography created a show that appeals to everyone. It is fun to watch, so you don\'t even notice that you are learning. How\'d They Do That? would appeal to a much wider audience than Modern Marvels (even children) because you don\'t need such a long attention span. I keep searching for this show on DVD - I would watch each episode again and again!moreless