Howdy Doody

NBC (ended 1960)


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  • Love that show i want it back on tv because it's howdy doody time it's howdy doody time.

    There is alot of things i liked about the show it was educational for me and it taught me how to get along with other people and learn how to dance with style.It had me laughing when i was sad and have fun watching every character in the show have fun.
    Brenda 111
  • Plunk

    Plunk your magic twanger Froggy!
    I did, I did, I did, I did.

    Guess you had to be there. Princess SummerFallWinterSpring and Howdy Doody the puppets were definately the birth of childrens television.

    Buffalo Bob, Clarabelle the clown, puppet dog, Farfo, and he did the Ovalteen commericals too, and Howdy who as a puppet had freckles, red hair, jeans, checkered shirt, and resembles the Mad Magazine character.

    This show, Bob Keeshan, later as Captain Kangaroo, The Lone Ranger, were some of the very first to entertain a multitude of baby boomers. Yeah God.
  • This show can only truly be appreciated if examined in its own time period.

    This show can only truly be appreciated if examined in its own time period. It was created before there were examples to build off. Television was new. Look at the elements this show gives to us. One of the first live audience participation shows. The characters had flaws and work through their issues to be fun, lovable and successful. The show was so popular it was the first time every that a children's show was shown 5 days a week. Elements of this show can be seen in Sesame Street and the Mickey Mouse Club. This is were children's television starts. It is a classic that needs to be appricated for what it gave us.
  • I wish i could just burn my eyes.

    Why did this show air? I guess it's main pint was to creeppeople out. I don't understand what anyone sees in this show. It's creepy, pointless, junky, & stupid. I guess that's why it didn't last for long GOFLSH. This was one of the most pathetic excuses for a show i've ever seen.
  • Was way to much my time!!

    I think it was reruns in the 1980\'s when I was born.

    Some of today\'s shows , music & cartoons kind of stink.
    I don\'t like how they are changing format of some oldies stations and tv stuff.

    I was born 1984 and I miss the old cartoons like scooby doo , and more.

  • I Was There

    My sister and I were in the peanut gallery in the early 1950's. Is there any record some place that may have a list so I could look up a show to let my grand kids see what is was like?
  • Childhood favorite TV shows

    When I was a kid this was one of my favorite shows to watch