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  • The Third time was the charm for Howie Mandel. Needs DVD release soon

    Following the success of Deal Or No Deal Howie Mandel returned to his comedy roots with Howie Do It a Candid Camera type show that was somehow supposed to be his comedy comeback to his roots as a comedian. Using singer Montell Jordan's 1995 R&B hit This Is How We Do It as it's theme song Howie Do It followed Howie as his altar-ego Larry doing several comedy stunts and funny adventures that kept fans laughing and wanting more. In my eyes NBC was right about giving Howie Mandel a second show with Howie Do It but they should've promoted it a lot more and should've made a lot more episodes of Howie Do It because had it not gotten canceled because it was a great show. Though it may seem like a remix of Hidden Howie Howie Do It is truly a must see show that really should get the DVD treatment. Please NBC have the chance to put Howie Do It on DVD soon
  • Howie knows what to do

    Howie Mandel has the new show fresh from his "Deal Or No Deal" gig to do a hidden camera show based upon his segment on the Jay Leno show. Like Candid Camera itself along with "Tv's Bloopers & Practical Jokes," Howie plays to many characters based upon his life in general and uses it in a pratical joke among ordinary people. I like the format, and the set is very electric, plus it's drummer too, but the theme song is very annoying at times. All in all, you have a great show to watch on NBC every Friday night at 7.
  • Garbage!

    Everyone involved with making this show and putting it on tv should be ashamed of themself. This show is pathetic and stupid. Nothing about any of the stunts they are pulling is funny. The actors all suck and I am including Howie in with all the actors, the way he pulls off his stunts with his stupid wig is shamefully bad, I would be ashamed of myself if I worked on making this show. None of the stunts are funny and they are sometimes gross for no reason, without being funny at all. Avoid watching Howie Do It unless you want to hate yourself.
  • Pathetic!!!

    This is easily one of the very worst American produced TV shows I have ever seen, possibly the #1 worse American TV show of all time. A strong case can be made that it is the number one worst U.S. comedy TV show of all time.
    Basically Howie Mandel puts on an obviously fake wig and Groucho Marx style stupid-glasses and then "pranks" people in the least funny ways possible. None of the pranks are funny in the least, and Howie Mandel is completely useless as a host. Nothing even remotely funny happens. On top of that, the show has no class at all. It goes for lowest common denominator humor and STILL misses the target completely.
    Also most of these pranks are based on pranks that have been done before. It's a rip-off of Candid Camera and it's not even as good as Punk'd, which I think is a pointless show itself. But Punk'd looks like Citizen Kane compared to this. Some of the gags I saw in the trailer are even taken directly from the Canadian TV show Just For Laughs Gags (Howie is a Canadian, coincidence?), like the waiter putting his dirty fingers in the customer's drink.
    Anyway this show is atrocious, there is no point to it whatsoever, and nothing is funny. I just got angry trying to watch it. Somebody get Howie Mandel back where he belongs, nowhere near a TV show or movie!!!
  • Candid Camera rip-off without any class.

    Awful. The show ranged from crude to crass. Mostly it was just plain uncomfortable to watch. Here's one hilarious example. Some guy is set up -- they love to call these folks "the mark" -- and is convinced he's going to be in a contest to get the most phone numbers from women at a bar. When sitting next to one woman, he's told to use ice-breaker lines like, "You have nice legs....when do they open?" Oh my gosh, I nearly fell off my chair --- racing for the remote to change the channel! Howie did it (to me) -- Once. Not to be repeated.