H.R. Pufnstuf

NBC (ended 1971)


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  • It's the best Sid and Marty Krofft show ever!

    This show was my mom's favorite when she was a kid and I love it! it has funny jokes and an outragously hilarious cast! My mom still loves this show and I watch it a lot. But i dony know why they cancelled it! It was a great show! But at least its on DVD. You should watch it and you'll see that you cant get enough.
  • What were they thinking?

    Even as a kid I hated this show. Like a lot of the other reviewers, the first thing I think of when I hear the words, "H.R. Puffinstuff" is "drug induced hallucination." I think they could show this in schools today and make a compelling argument why people need to avoid psychotropic drugs. It would probably save a lot of kids...

    Seriously though, I never got this show. As a kid I couldn't watch it, it made no sense. The sets and costumes were almost as bad, filled with garish colors and weird designs, it's enough to make you have nightmares. I wouldn't recommend this show for anyone. It has no value, of any kind. It's certainly not educational and I would venture to say that it's not even entertaining. Stay away from this in droves.
  • Brings back so many memories!

    The show brings back so many memories. I absolutely adored it, for me it was kind of like the first real show I enjoyed watching on a regular basis. I distinctly remember sitting in front of the television watching taped episodes over and over again.

    For some reason Pufnstuf was always my favortie, too. Though he was a little creepy, a long with the rest of the cast. I absolutely adore this show and really wished that my parents had held onto one of the tapes just as a memory.
  • Psychedelically bad.

    This is one of the shows that most of us in our late thirties or above remember watching.The problem is none of us can quite remember why.I watched a re running of this show a couple years ago on Nick at Nite.I'm figuring out now as an adult that Sid and Marty Krofft must of been trying to cash in on the psychedelic 60's. Unless one was taking some kind of hallucengenic,this show was pretty awful.Although colorful enough for young viewers,there was no point to any plot line.The puppets are irritating,the humor wasn't funny if not bizarre,and the music numbers were downright boring.
    Enough said? If you watch this I would do so for the sole reason to watch it from morbid curiousity to see what Barney on LSD was like.
  • A boy named Jimmy and his magicial flute named Freddie, decide to get on a magic talking boat that promises to take him on an adventure.......and his adventures begin as well as his attempts to get back home.

    This classic series begins with Jimmy, a young English boy (Jack Wild of Oliver fame), playing near the edge of a river with his magical talking gold flute, Freddie (or Fweddie, as Jimmy called him).
    While at the edge of the river Jimmy climbs aboard a boat that beckons to him. As it drifts out to sea, an evil witch named Witchiepoo, seeking Freddie to add to her collection of magical possessions, casts a spell and makes the boat turn into an evil boat which attacks Jimmy (who then jumps overboard to save himself).
    Swimming to the shore of Living Island, Jimmy is rescued by its mayor, H R Pufnstuf and his Rescue Ranger crew (Kling and Klang) before Witchiepoo can get her hands on the boy or the magic flute. They befriend the Jimmy sheltering and protecting him from the kooky old witch.
    Everything on Living Island is alive. Books have faces, houses sneeze and trees can talk, not to mention the regular citizens who all look like an animal of some sort. Dr Blinky is an Owl, Ludicrous is a Lion and Judy Frog is; well she's a frog and the only character I didn’t like as a child.
    And then there is the evil Witchiepoo (played by the great Billie Hayes). She continually tries to satisfy her obsession for the talking flute with the aid of her goofy henchmen Orson, Seymore, Dumb and Stupid and her motorized broomstick, called the Vroom Broom.
    Each episode involves Jimmy attempting to escape from the island with the help of Pufnstuf and his friends, with flute intact of course.
    H.R. Pufnstuf was created by Sid and Marty Krofft, and was also revealed as pro-pot psychedelia!
  • This may sound evil...

    This may sound evil, but when I think of H.R. Pufnstuff, I think of rolling a joint, sniffing angeldust, or smoking marajuana. I don't do that stuff, because stuff like this comes out and is made into a children's show.
    I don't get it. I know it is supposed to be about a boy who gets stuck on an island with strange dinosaurs. What I don't understand is why there? The theme song is catchy, but yet unmemorable. I feel sorry for my mom and dad because they grew up with that crap. What were the Krofts smoking?
    It was one of the worst things from the sixties and seventies. I feel for my parents now because that crap was on the tube when they were children.
  • It scares me. HELP!

    I may have never seen this show but I never want to.I may watch kids show like The Hoobs for fun but I never want to see this show.I think it looks creepy and I do not no how people even KIDS could watch this.It scares me.A lot creepy .