Huckleberry Finn and His Friends

CBC (ended 1980)





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  • The Best of Its Kind

    This show was shown in the UK during the summer holidays in the early eighties. I never forgot the show or it's memorable theme tune. Sammy Snyders who plays Tom Sawyer is terrific, full of energy and mischief, just as he should be, and with Huck's calm demeanor, they play off each other very well. Many of the cast are German (German/Canadian production) actors who couldn't speak English particularly well. They mouthed the English words phonetically and English dubbing was added later. This only adds to its charm. The series was released on DVD in 2007, I instantly bought it and was overjoyed with nostalgic bliss, it was still so funny and charming.

    Huckleberry Finn and His Friends is a wonderful family adventure, easily the best of its kind, not to be missed.
  • A brilliant series sadly not seen on UK TV in many a moon and disgracefully not on DVD

    My memories of this series fade all the time but I know it was the best version I have ever seen. Ian Tracey was brilliant as the lead and the rest of the cast were also fantastic. Please please please let me know who to contact to get this put on DVD so I and other people can enjoy it, those who've seen it and those who haven't. So much is coming out on DVD now, even Due South looks set to be making an appearance on region 2 DVD in January 2006. Even if you don't make huge profits please put classics like this on DVD so it doesn't just live in memory