Huckleberry Finn and His Friends - Season 1

CBC (ended 1980)




Episode Guide


  • The Whole Truth
    The Whole Truth
    Episode 26

    Huck finds a doctor, who agrees to help treat Tom's leg. Huck and Jim are taken back to the Phelps' home and the boys tell Aunt Sally who they really are. Aunt Sally doesn't believe them but then Aunt Polly arrives to vouch for the boys identity and to tell them that Jim has been freed.

  • The Rescue
    The Rescue
    Episode 25

    After a botched attempt to rescue Jim the boys decide to tunnel under the shack where he is being held. Jim is released at midnight and with the posse in pursuit they all head for the river, to the canoe, and later to find a doctor for Tom.

  • Huck Sawyer-Tom Finn

    Huck decides to go along with being mistaken for Tom . When he tells Tom, Tom decides to act as his brother Sid. They see the Duke and the Dauphin being kicked out of town and then begin to search for Jim.

  • Jim Disappears
    Jim Disappears
    Episode 23

    Jim gets a 'twitch' and according to him means something bad is going to happen. Duke goes into town and Huck looks for food. On return, Jim and The dauphin are gone. Whilst looking for them, he hears of a captured slave and as in turns out, The Duke and The dauphin have turned Jim in for the money.

  • Where Art Thou, Romeo?

    While rehearsing their redonkulous Shakespearean act on the raft, The Dauphin falls in the river, but is quickly rescued by Huck. When the show tanks 3 nights in a row, a crowd gathers, demanding their money back. They all flee back to the raft.

  • Meet the Duke and the Dauphin

    Huck and Jim encounter a derelict canoe, they fix a hole and make it float and Huck uses it to paddle ashore to catch a stray chicken. Two odd strangers appear with a posse chasing them, begging for help. Huck lets them aboard and paddles them out of danger.

  • End of the Feud
    End of the Feud
    Episode 20

    Huck learns that Sophia has eloped with Harnet Shepherdson, and that the Grangerfords are going to stop the wedding. Huck tries to find Buck but stumbles into a pitched battle amongst the families. He tries to help but Buck motions him away, Huck runs knowing Buck has been killed and heads off back down the river.

  • The Thing About Feuding

    Huck and Buck Grangerford talk about the feud. Nobody remembers how it started, only that it must continue. Huck heads to the river where he meets Jack, who leads him to Jim. Huck and Jim have a joyous reunion.

  • Meet the Grangerfords

    Wet, exhausted and starving, Huck comes across a large stately home. A pretty young lady feels sorry for him, the other family members are very wary of him however, believing him to be a Shepherdson family member. A family they are feuding with.

  • Smallpox
    Episode 17

    Jim and Huck build a small cabin on the raft to hide Jim. When approached by men, Huck says his father has smallpox and is very ill, the men feel sorry for the boy, give him some money and get on their way. Later that night the raft is mowed down by a river boat, unable to find Jim, Huck believes he is dead.

  • The Rains Come
    The Rains Come
    Episode 16

    Huck and Jim take shelter in a cave to avoid a storm. They stumble across a small cabin floating on the water with womens clothing inside, which they take. Jim finds a dead man, but refuses to let Huck see the body. Mrs loftus in town, tells Huck that men are looking for an escaped slave. Huck hurries back to Jim and they quickly head down the river.

  • Huck Finds Jim
    Huck Finds Jim
    Episode 15

    Huck is living on Jackson island. He evades people who he thinks are looking for him, and later sees a fire, getting closer he realises it is Jim. Jim having seen Huck's memorial service believes Huck to be a ghost and is petrified. When Jim finds that it really is Huck, he rejoices and tells Huck he has ran away due to hearing Miss Watson say she was going to sell him.

  • Huck Gets Away
    Huck Gets Away
    Episode 14

    When Huck is discovered to be missing, Pap is questioned, denying everything he is still kicked out of town. Huck manages to free himself and trashes the place in an effort to make Pap believe robbers have taken him. pap believes Huck to be dead and informs the town. Huck feels he is free at last.

  • Huck Becomes a Victim

    Huck sees his father's footprint in the mud and fears that his cruel and worthless Pap has come for his money. Huck signs his money over to the Judge who acts as trustee. Pap finds Huck and kidnaps him and takes him to an isolated shack. Pap screams he will try to get the money himself, so Huck tries to escape in the meantime.

  • I Want to be Free
    I Want to be Free
    Episode 12

    Tom and Huck return home with their treasure, and the grateful Widow Douglas and her sister Miss Watson, agree to give Huck a home. Huck's money is invested so that when he becomes a man he will be an upstanding part of the community.

  • The Millionaires
    The Millionaires
    Episode 11

    Tom and Becky are still lost in the caves getting more scared by the minute. A search has finally started for them. Tom sees Indian Joe in the caves and flees with Becky further into them, and luckily finding an alternate exit in the process. Contable Mueller orders the cave entrance blocked, when Tom finds out he tells Mueller about seeing Indian Joe. They go back to the caves and unblock them only to find Joe dead inside. Tom and Huck go back in the caves and find the treasure!

  • Huck is a Hero
    Huck is a Hero
    Episode 10

    Tom and his class mates head for the caves on a picnic. Tom takes beck exploring and they end up getting lost. In town, Huck sees Indian Joe and his partner Pard. He follows them and discovers they are going to rob Widow Douglas. Huck slips away to tell Constable Mueller.

  • Burried Treasure
    Burried Treasure
    Episode 9

    Tom and Huck decide to hunt for buried treasure. They start digging near an old haunted house. Frustrated with no luck they investigate the house. While the boys are in the attic they see Indian Joe and another criminal come to the house. Frozen with fear they hear Indian Joe discuss doing one last job. Joe then starts digging and reveals a chest of gold and mentions taking it to den number 2.

  • Muff Potter's trial

    Muff Potter is on trial for the murder that Indian Joe commited but the boys are bound by their blood oath and stay silent. Later when Muff is about to be convicted the boys can take it no longer and speak with the judge. When the truth comes out Indian Joe flees.

  • Such a Lovely Funeral

    Tom sneaks back home. Hiding behind a couch he hears Aunt Polly, Sid and Mrs. Harper sadly reminicing. He hears them speak of a memorial service so heads back to the island to tell Huck and more importantly, Joe.

  • How Nice to be Missed

    Aunt Polly discovers that Tom has ran away and calls for Contstable Mueller, Mueller finds evidence suggesting that Huck has gone too, so the search begins. When the boys see the ferry they hear the cannon going off intermittently, a superstition that makes bodies rise to the surface. The boys realise the are believed to be drowned and are racked with guilt. That night Tom heads back for home.

  • The Pirates
    The Pirates
    Episode 5

    Tom, Huck and Joe Harper decide to run away and become pirates, Tom almost gets caught raiding the larder for supplies but manages to get away. The boys head off down the Mississippi on a makeshift skiff which they later abandon it to set up camp on an encountered island.

  • Mystery at Midnight

    Due to Tom's mopey behaviour over Becky Aunt Polly decides to give him some of her dreaded 'spring tonic'. He later meets with Huck and Jim and they decide to go to the graveyard at midnight, to cast a spell to get rid of warts using a dead cat in a sack. When they get there they witness a murder by Indian Joe. They swear a blood oath to never speak of it only to question themselves when an inoccent man is later arrested for the crime.

  • The Engagement
    The Engagement
    Episode 3

    Tom gets a loose tooth and loses it to Aunt Polly's drastic measures. He later professes his love for Becky. He arranges to meet Becky in the woods where they become engaged, it turns out to be short-lived however leaving Tom desolate.

  • Love in Bloom
    Love in Bloom
    Episode 2

    As a punishment Tom has to whitewash the back fence. He turns the punishment to his own advantage however by tricking other town boys into doing the work for him and paying him in the process.

  • Welcome, Neighbor
    Welcome, Neighbor
    Episode 1
    Tom has one of his especially naughty days when he steals jam, plays hookey and gets in a fight.