Huckleberry Hound

Season 2 Episode 37

Legion Bound Hound

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 1960 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This episode marks the fourth appearance of the character of Pierre. He has also been featured in episodes 7, "Tricky Trapper", 20, "Ski Champ Chump", and 24, "Ten Pin Alley".

      However, this is only the third time he is called Powerful Pierre. On his second appearance on the show, his name was Powerhouse Pierre.

      Also, his design in this episode looks different from his usual appearance from his other episodes.

    • This episode reveals the fact that Huck has a fiancee, named Clementine.

    • Huck is the general of Company B in the French Foreign Legion.

  • Quotes

    • Huck: (seeing Powerful Pierre trying to break down the door of the fort) I can't let him do that. That door is government property. And so am I, as a matter of fact.

    • Powerful Pierre: There is more than one way to get into a fort.

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