Season 1 Episode 2

Assault and Pepper

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2004 on Showtime
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Assault and Pepper
Huff has to go to the Medical Board and defend himself and his practice with Russel as his attorney. At work, Huff has his hands full with Melody Coatar, who is a dangerous bipolar patient and is later informed that he's being sued by the boy's parents who committed suicide in his office.moreless

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  • Well written.

    This is a very sexual episode but its main plot is that Huff is sued by Sam Johnson's parents because they think Huff is guilty of their son's death. So Huff asks Russell to help him, and of course, his friend does.

    We meet Melody, one of Huff's patients, a girl with bipolar personality who attacks him while she's under arrest. In this episode uff meets again the strange man from Hungary, but is he a real person or is just Huff's imagination? I think the doctor wonders that as well. We discover more things about Russell like he doesn't only like drogs and alcohol but women as well. The episode is well written.moreless
  • The parents Sam Johnson want to blame Huff for their son's suicide and file civil charges against him. Russell comes to his defense, calls Sam a liar, and gets him off. Huff's secretary quits so he hires Paula.moreless

    The sex in this episode is impressive. Beth (Paget Brewster)makes Huff happy in bed, stripping naked. Oliver Platt's Russell picks up a hooker--Nichole Mercedes Robinson, as Pepper, makes the DVD worth renting (she shows her tatas off on disc 1). Emmy-winner Blythe Danner shows Izzy has some friends--Nancy Linehan Charles, as Lois, does a turn as an animal rights activist. Lara Flynn Boyle is Melody Coatar, a hyperactive patient of Huff's who thanks him by slapping him and scarring his face. As is the wont of "quality" television shows nowadays, dead characters keep popping up in the protaganist's mind--Noel Fisher's Sam Johnson, who committed suicide in the previous episode, just won't go away. Jack Laufer's character as the Homeless Hungarian remains a mystery--is he real, or just a figment of Huff's imagination?moreless
Nichole Mercedes Robinson

Nichole Mercedes Robinson


Guest Star

Noel Fisher

Noel Fisher

Sam Johnson

Guest Star

Angela Albert

Angela Albert

Nurse Redlich

Guest Star

Jack Laufer

Jack Laufer

Homeless Hungarian

Recurring Role

Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle

Melody Coatar

Recurring Role

Nancy Linehan Charles

Nancy Linehan Charles


Recurring Role

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    • Huff: If this thing gets fucked up I could lose my license.
      Russell: No shit.
      Huff: Oh God, you're concerned. You're never concerned. If you're concerned, I'm screwed.

    • Russell: How much?
      Pepper: Now why do you think I've got to be looking for cash?
      Russell: Because you have big luscious boobies and I'm a fattie. Come on. How much?
      Pepper: You're a funny one.
      Russell: How old are you?
      Pepper: Eighteen. I've got ID.
      Russell: Not gonna be carding you, sweetie. You are a girl, aren't you? On the outside.
      Pepper: On the inside too.
      (Russell sighs)

    • Cop: How did [Melody] smash out the window? I thought they were bulletproof.
      Pharmacist: Bulletproof, yes. Manic, bipolar, borderline proof, no.

    • Melody: Besides, I saw it advertised on TV. I like the way the girl looked who took it. I bet no one looks at her and thinks she's out of her mind.
      Huff: Well, she probably never took out a pharmacist with a computer terminal either. I mean, what the hell did you hope to accomplish with that?
      Melody: It got you here didn't it?
      Huff: Yes it did, but I'm not sure that's such a good thing

    • Huff: New rules: one, no calling me at home anymore, okay; two, no orchestrating assault and battery or any other scenario to get me to do what you want me to do; and rule three, if you break rules one or two I will consider myself fired by you. Understand?
      Melody: You can't do that. That's unethical.
      Huff: Yes, I can and no, it isn't.
      Melody: You know, I can always sue you for malpractice.
      Huff: You know, I could always have you committed. Your serve.
      (both are silent, finally Melody, tears rolling down her face, scratches Huff's face)
      Huff: Fuck. Jesus… nice ring ya little bipolar wack.
      (Melody leaps over the table and starts attacking Huff, guards rush in)

    • Huff: (in the bedroom) I'm turning off the light, you coming?
      Beth: Probably not tonight.

    • Byrd: (to his parents) There's a guy downstairs calling your name on a bullhorn. Call me crazy but I genuinely doubt he has good news.

    • Byrd: Wow, did you know 3 days before Lincoln got shot he had a premonition death dream?
      Izzy: Thank god none of my dreams ever came true.

    • Izzy: Darling, hurry up with dinner, I'm losing weight as we speak.
      Huff: (Under his breath) That's not all your losing.

    • Melody: Say it, you don't care about me.
      Huff: Now why would I work with you for, what is it, eight years now? Why would I do that if I didn't care about you?
      Melody: Because I have great insurance.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Episode Title: Assault and Pepper

      This is a pun on Salt and Pepper.

    • In trying to describe what she's going through, Melody says it's "Like the twilight zone, where all the doctors are pigs."

      This is a reference to a classic Twilight Zone episode called The Eye of the Beholder in which a woman has experimental treatments performed on her so that she will be normal. Yet in the end, her hideousness, which is hidden throughout the episode turns out to be truly terrifying.