Season 1 Episode 8

Cold Day in Shanghai

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 26, 2004 on Showtime



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    • Izzy: (After she signs the divorce papers) Okay so much for marriage.
      Russell: Well 40 years is a long time and you have every right to be upset. You should give yourself a break Isabel.
      Izzy: Oh for Christ's sake, Russell. Nobody calls me Isabel. Not even my mother called me Isabel. It's Izzy!

    • Izzy: (to Huff) Women don't want to be pushed. All right? It's is the one unwavering, undeniable quality that we all share. Don't forget that.

    • Izzy: (to Beth) You know trust is a device we use to put people on pedestals. The higher we put them the harder they fall.

    • Izzy: 40 years I gave that bastard. Lois, you know I gave him everything; children and an impeccable home, my heart. And what did he give me in return; damaged children, a shattered home, and a hole in my chest the size of China.

    • Paula: It did kind of smell a little when [Neil] walked by me.
      Huff: It's in your head, Paula. Just because the guy wears a colostomy bag doesn't mean he smells like feces.
      Paula: Shit is what he smelled like.
      Huff: Well then why didn't I smell it?
      Paula: Because you're still obsessed about that skinny crazy woman who beat up your wife.

    • Neil: Do you really think I need to see you twice a week?
      Huff: Neil, I'd see you five times a week if you'd let me.

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