Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 28, 2004 on Showtime
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Huff is upset when he discovers that a surprise witness has been called in the wrongful-death lawsuit. Russell hits Huff with tough questions in his preparation for the suit. Beth and Izzy fight about Izzy's not reserving privacy in the early morning. Meanwhile, Byrd ends up tutoring one of his high school classmates, Gail.moreless

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  • Well written.

    This is a very well written episode. Russell has to prepare Huff for his wrongful-death lawsuit. Not only do San Johnson's paretns appear but also an unexpected witness, Melody. Although it seems she's going to say a lot of bad things about the doctor, she does the opposite and says Huff is a very nice man and a very good psychiatrist. But hey, she wants to be his patient again.

    The lawsuit goes very well because Sam's mother finally admits she knew Sam said he was going to kill himself. If we knew Huff was a nice guy, here we see a very compassionate man because although he was treated very badly by Sam's parents and accussed of very serious things, in the bottom he understand why the kid's parents are feeling.

    Beth and Izzie have an argument as well, because Izzie walks around the house very early in the morning and Beth liked some intimacy. I have to say the scenes between Paget Brewster and Blythe Danner are really good. Huff is always in the middle.moreless
  • Finally, an episode that proved that there's more to Huff than run-of-the-mill drama.

    I've been dissapointed with the direction this show was taking ever since I saw the second episode. The pilot and also the amazing (and long) theme both showed that Huff has great potential - but everything that came after fell flat for me. Most of the major characters were either uninteresting (the wife, for example) or too much of a caricature (Izzy and Byrd) to be intruiged by. Others were just plain boring (Russel and Paula). The last category seemed to only contribute to the show with scenes involving dwarf-sex, naked butts and black people cliches. To summarize: not much to like there.

    And yet I kept watching, still hoping to see a glimpse of what I once hoped Huff'd be - and finally they delivered a solid episode. "Control" revolved around Craig's trial and another Izzy-Beth brawl. Both storylines were executed in a very decent manner and the writing was crisp. All of the characters immediately became less card-board to me than they did before. Hopefully this is a recurring trend for this series.moreless
  • Alright!

    A good episode but the main character needs more work. Huff is such a nice guy it’s sickening.

    I understand those people lost their son but it was their own fault. And Huff still feels sorry for them? He’s almost sympathetic to them. What? They were bad parents. They killed the kid. It was as if they pulled the trigger and then to finish things off, they sued Huff. They are liars, bigoted and they’re trying to ruin his life by putting their blame on his shoulders. And he “cant hate” the mom? Give me a break!

    The episode was nice. Good writing and acting. Oliver Platt was just awesome as always. Page Brewster was looking as hot as ever and what a pair of legs! Wow!

    I liked Lara Flynn Boyle too. Nice skirt!

    A good effort by “Huff”

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Amber Matthews


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Annie Potts

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    • Paula: (to Huff) You ignore my 911 pages or do you just like me vibrating in your pants all day long?

    • Huff: Well [Izzy's] probably lonely. You know, she doesn't want to have breakfast by herself.
      Beth: Well she should have thought of that before she alienated every single human being on earth.

    • Huff: Blue is true and brown you drown.
      Beth: What?
      Huff: Russell says it's really actually very important what you wear to these [hearings].
      Beth: And he gets paid to represent people who aren't his friends?
      Huff: Psychologically speaking, if you look innocent you have a better chance.
      Beth: Hey hey sweetie, you could wear a paisley jock strap and an Easter bonnet and nothing bad would happen because you are innocent.

    • Izzy: Be careful darling, Jews can be vicious.

    • Izzy: (to Beth after seeing her naked) Nice bikini wax. It must be so hard for brunettes.

    • Paula: Please Jesus help that boy do his business so I don't have to think about what's livin' up his ass.
      Huff: And please Jesus tell Paula not to talk to you in the office, okay?
      Paula: Now Huff, wouldn't you want someone prayin' for you if you were full of shit.
      Huff: I really don't know how to answer that question.

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