Season 1 Episode 13

Crazy Nuts & All F*cked Up

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on Showtime
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Crazy Nuts & All F*cked Up
Huff's sanity is seriously called into question by his family after a series of unfortunate and wildly unpredictable events and circumstances, one involving Melody, threaten to make a big tear in the fabric of the Huffstodt family. Russell has to decide if he wants to be a father or not. Izzy refuses to allow Teddy to take a new anti-psychotic drug, one that could also possibly kill him. Beth learns her mother's cancer has spread to the spine. Byrd is a little stunned by the adults pinballing around him. Huff screams at Russell that he's in for a fall.moreless

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  • Somewhat downbeat end to fantastic series

    AS the other reviewers have mentioned, the last ten minutes is completely out of whack with the rest of the episode - and is unbelievable. Izzy\'s actions are out of character - she beds Russell after he reveals he has knocked up a woman and frequents whore houses ? Huff\'s reaction isnt unexpected, as he is a bit of a mummies boy. The cliffhanger of \'is russell dead is weak, as is the disappearance of Teddy.moreless
  • Sad, Mean-spirited, silly soap

    Why is it that writers and/or viewers LOVE to see nice people get screwed over? I used to like Huff, but now it's just a sad, mean-spirited and SILLY soap. The most objectionable item is when the writers take believable characters and then mess with them and make them do things that that character would NEVER DO. Then you get really pissed-off at the Stupid Writers' Guild in Hollywood. What a bunch of wankers.moreless
  • Disappointing

    After a great first season, "Huff" ended with a disappointing final episode that turned upside down everything the creators of this show have strived to put together in the first 12 episodes. Everything was ok until the final 10 minutes of the show, that proved to be a total chaos of bad writing, bad acting, and so many unrealisting scenes that I even started thinking if this isn't a dream of some sort. I understand the desire of the producers to end the season on a high note, with fast-paced crazy action, but this was too much. The final 10 minutes have proved to be exactly the opposite of the whole show: unrealistic and, well, plain old stupid.moreless
Jonathan Del Arco

Jonathan Del Arco

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Swoosie Kurtz


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Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle

Melody Coatar

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Faith Prince

Faith Prince


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    • Beth: Teddy, hey what are you doing here?
      Teddy: Craig's asking mom if I can take a drug that will kill me.
      Beth: Really?
      Teddy: I'm hoping she says yes.

    • Izzy: I'll get you a Compari.
      Russell: I don't want a drink!
      Izzy: Don't yell at me.
      Russell: I'm sorry.
      Izzy: You know you can rant and scream and self-destruct ad whore around and annihilate all the people in the world who don't strike your fancy bit you cannot yell at me, Russell! Do you understand?!
      Russell: I'm sorry.

    • Huff: First of all, [Russell's] lying about the diseases. Yeah. And second of all, he's completely unfit to be a father. You know that, right?
      Kelly: Oh I know.
      Huff: And yet you still want to have this baby.
      Kelly: Oh yes, I'm just I'm afraid I don't have anything to offer a child.
      Huff: Okay why not?
      Kelly: Well I'm 42 and I sell flat screen televisions. I've never been to college and the longest relationship I've ever had is six months. I'm not only stupid I'm just not good with people.

    • Madeline: I have cancer of the spine now.
      Beth: So, we do what?
      Madeline: Beth, darling, don't ask silly questions.

    • Nurse: Why don't we just move on to the more personal questions? Do you consume alcohol on a regular basis?
      Russell: I've been known to knock back a few, yes.
      Nurse: How many per week?
      Russell: 60, 80.
      Kelly: My God.
      Nurse: Do you use recreational drugs? Marijuana, LSD, Ecstasy, cocaine?
      Russell: Yes.
      Nurse: Yes to which?
      Russell: Yes.
      Kelly: Yes, to all of them?
      Russell: Oh honey. You've been known to dabble in the recreational drug area yourself. You chime in anytime, Kell.
      Kelly: I didn't know that the father's drug use would hurt the baby.
      Nurse: Cocaine used by men has been linked to mental problems with children. Cocaine binds itself to the sperm and then carried to the egg during fertilization. Mr. Tupper, how often do you use cocaine? (Russell is really quiet, trying to think.)

    • Byrd: Gram, I really don't want to go to school today.
      Izzy: Well don't.
      Byrd: Yeah but mom's gonna get all pissed off.
      Izzy: Oh for heaven's sake, we were almost murdered in our beds last night. Who gives a hoot about geometry?

    • Beth: (on the phone) I need you to call the paramedics as well. She's hurt pretty badly. Stab wounds I think, probably self-inflicted.
      Madeline: She stabbed herself?
      Izzy: It's an ugly job but somebody's gotta do it.

  • NOTES (2)

    • At the 2005 Emmy Awards, Huff won the Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design and was nominated for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music. Hank Azaria was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his performance in "Crazy Nuts & All F*cked Up". Oliver Platt received a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his performances in "That F**kin' Cabin" and "Crazy, Nuts and All F*cked Up". In addition, Blythe Danner won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her performances in "Christmas Is Ruined" and "Is She Dead?".

    • Scott Winant received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for his work on this episode.