Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2004 on Showtime
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Huff gets a surprising visit from his father who wants him to be a go-between for him and Izzy. Beth discovers that her mother has found a lump in her breast. Russell tries to rescue a client, a sitcom star, who is now addicted to drugs and alcohol. At work, Huff discovers that Melody wants a transitional session between him and her new therapist and gets a visit from Doris, the mother of his now dead patient, who wants to know more about her son.moreless

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  • Not as good as the previous episodes.

    I found this episode not as good as the previous one and maybe a little bit boring as well.

    There are some storylines on this. First we have Huff meeting with his dad, played by Roberts Forster, after some time. They have dinner together and Ben, his dad, asks Huff to give Izzie the divorce papers, somthing Huff doesn't want to do.

    The second story is abut Russell and one of his clients, a TV star, America's Dad, who is going to get the sack if he doesn't appear at work. The problem is that he has a very bad problem with drugs and Russ has to help him not to lose his job. Isn't it ironic that the calle America's Dad is layed by Bob Saget?

    Beth discover that her mum has cancer and feels bad about it and Melody appears once again in a transitional session between Huff and a colleague.moreless
Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Jonathan Young

Guest Star

Robert Forster

Robert Forster

Ben Huffstodt

Guest Star

Annie Potts

Annie Potts

Doris Johnson

Guest Star

Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle

Melody Coatar

Recurring Role

Faith Prince

Faith Prince


Recurring Role

Misti Traya

Misti Traya


Recurring Role

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    • Huff: You know Dad, maybe we could work on trying to have a little bit more of a relationship with each other. Maybe meet for coffee or something once a week. Stay current. It's not too late you know. Actually I'd like to give it a try.
      Ben: No.
      Huff: No?
      Ben: Yeah, your mother wouldn't like that.
      Huff: Well that's never stopped you before.

    • Izzy: No, you see there are certain things in life you have to pay for and sex is one of them.
      Huff: Mom, Byrd doesn't need to hear the entire rise and fall of your marriage.
      Izzy: I'm not talking about marriage. I'm talking about sex. You know what sex is, don't you Byrd? Men think that sex is for free. All you have to do is find someone who doesn't speak English. In your grandfather's case he went all the way to Malaysia to dredge one up. He racked up those frequent flyer miles and he even had the nerve to use them to take me to Capri for out 30th. Can you imagine? You see there is an invoice involved with this kind of behavior, Byrd. And Huff if you think that your father is even entertaining the idea I might let him off the hook so he's free to marry Suzie Wong and spawn her green card babies, ho ho ho, the answer is a resounding no.
      Huff: Mom, I think Miss Wong is too old to have children.
      Izzy: Oh. Oh really? Have you seen her? For all we know he bought her at a bazaar with monkeys and chickens. It's all part of Chairman Mao's insidious plan to spread that Oriental blood one horny Caucasian soldier at a time.
      Huff: So you're willing to lost money just so you don't have to let him go. Is that right?
      Izzy: His unhappiness is the only currency I have left and I am willing to pay the price. You see how ugly sex can be, Byrd.

    • Byrd: [My eye] still kind of hurts though.
      Izzy: Of course darling. Pain is the way of nature reminding us we should repeat bad behavior.
      Huff: Yes, never rip paper out of a notebook like that again, young man.

    • Izzy: There's nothing sadder than men eating cereal.

    • (Mike the dog doesn't listen to Huff's commands but he does listen to Beth's)
      Huff: Unbelievable. Unbeliveable. Dude, I walk you. I feed you. I freakin' bought you. What is with the ignoring me? Mike. Mike. Mike the dog. Unbelievable. Beth tell Mike to listen to me.

    • Huff: Hey Dad, you know it's nighttime and you're inside, what's with the sunglasses?
      Ben: Lower your voice and sit down, will ya.
      Huff: I swear you're more paranoid since you left the army than when you were in it.
      Ben: You never leave, son.

    • Buck: Little people need love too.

    • Paula: Your racist friend is on line two.
      Huff: [Russell's] not a racist, Paula.
      Paula: He called me Lady Marmalade on the phone.
      Huff: Well if your boyfriend called you that you wouldn't say he was racist, would you? I thought Lady Marmalade was a hot babe.
      Paula: She is and I don't have a boyfriend. And I don't think it's fair for your friend to assume that level of familiarity with me.
      Huff: Okay, so tell him.
      Paula: I did. Line two. (Paula leaves)
      Huff: (on the phone) Hey what's up?
      Russell: What's up with Paula? Is she riding the red wave or something?

    • Paula: (on the phone) We only call pharmacies with prescription refills on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 2 p.m. Because I can't spend all day on the phone talking about drugs, that's why. I did that in the 80s. Okay but is this a true psychiatric emergency? (Melody walks in) Actually it looks like I have my own psychiatric emergency right here. Look I'll make an exception and call it in for you. Okay you're welcome.

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    • Huff (to Melody): God, are you gonna boil my bunny?

      This is a reference to the late 80's movie Fatal Attraction, in which Glenn Close's character boils a rabbit that belongs to the daughter of the man she was sleeping with, played by Michael Douglas.