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So...What Brings You to Armageddon? (spoilers)

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    Episode #: 207,

    I guess we can discuss the latest episode here.

    Who's side (Huff's or Beth's) would you go on regarding Byrd's crimes? Sounds harsh, but that's what he did. Obviously the fighting is also due to much bigger problems the couple is having at the moment. I would say that Huff had some good points, but it's true he doesn't want to turn out like his father. I mean, he laughs everytime Byrd does something weird. Which isn't completely bad, but it's against what Beth believes in. So they obviously have to find some common ground here.

    Haha, I sound like a psychiatrist now.

    Also, I really like Teddy and his storyline. Blythe Danner (I
    zzy) is an amazing actress. I loved her in this episode.
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