Season 1 Episode 6

Is She Dead!

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2004 on Showtime
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Is She Dead!
Pepper, a hooker Russell picked up not too long ago, comes to him for his services this time because she's facing grand larceny charges. Beth tries to stay busy as she deals with her mother's cancer and Izzy getting on her last nerve. Teddy goes missing from a field trip. Huff and Doris try to heal one another as they finally come to an understanding.moreless

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    • Russell: That's ricockulous.

    • Teddy: (to Beth) I can't go home unless I know where it is. Would you take me home?

    • Byrd: You ever wonder who's the first guy to eat a lobster.
      Izzy: Well probably some poor vegetarian who was sick of bananas. Can you imagine a diet full of nothing but fruit?
      Byrd: You know I think if I had to hunt for food, you know to stay alive, I would probably be a vegetarian.
      Izzy: No you wouldn't.
      Byrd: Yeah. I read somewhere that when cows are slaughtered they start to scream.
      Izzy: I would scream too if my forehead were that close to a nail gun. Be an angel and get grandma another martini.
      Byrd: Well they're all in this line and the closer they get to the end of it, the louder they start to scream.
      Izzy: Honey don't get depressed tonight. We're having seafood.
      Byrd: You know sometimes the nail gun misses their head, so you know, they're still alive when the hook goes into their flank and then that's when the next cow really starts to scream because he sees what happened to his friend and all.
      Izzy: Cows don't have friends.
      Byrd: How do you know?
      Izzy: Cows, lobsters, it's just all too much. Just when you cook these lobsters, darling, be sure to drop them in the water head first.
      Byrd: I heard that if you listen really closely you can hear them scream.

    • Russell: Can't you call me Russ, Russell, or something? After all you have had your finger up my big what bottom.
      Pepper: Yes, I have. And I haven't seen my mood ring since.
      Russell: You know why that is? That's because I'm keeping it safe and warm. And if you want it back you have to go right back up and get it.

    • Doris: So you haven't brought it up. Why haven't you brought it up?
      Huff: Brought what up?
      Doris: Is this the way psychiatry works? Is this therapy? You just keep listening and I just keep talking until you think that I've just completely run out of things to say.
      Huff: Yeah, pretty much. Doesn't sound like you have yet.

    • Izzy: (to Byrd) You learn over time that the harder you love and the harder you're loved back, there's always somebody in line to fuck you over.

    • Gail: [My father] also said you're statutory raping me because I'm not 18.
      Byrd: That doesn't make any sense. I'm only 14.
      Gail: Life doesn't make sense.

    • Huff: How's your friend doing?
      Russell: Which one?
      Huff: The one with the drug problem.
      Russell: Which one?
      Huff: The one you called me about last week.
      Russell: Oh, the big TV star. He's in rehab.
      Huff: Really.
      Russell: Uh huh.
      Huff: He's not sitting here ODing on mayonnaise?

    • Huff: If I quit [smoking] for a year will you suck my toes.
      Beth: No.
      Huff: How about my balls?
      Beth: I already suck your balls.
      Huff: You don't suck my balls.
      Beth: I suck your balls.
      Huff: When's the last time you sucked my balls?
      Beth: The last time I was down there.
      Huff: I've asked you to suck my balls and you don't do it. Or you do it....
      Beth: (interrupts) I do do it. Maybe not every time but I do it.
      Huff: You do it grudgingly.
      Beth: If I don't suck them I lick them. I get in there.
      Huff: You don't suck my balls.
      Beth: I suck your balls.
      Huff: No, you don't.

    • Huff: Hey, would you do me a favor?
      Beth: Huh.
      Huff: Will you suck my toes?
      Beth: No.
      Huff: Come on.
      Beth: No.

    • Gail: I think we should do it.
      Byrd: It?
      Gail: Yeah it. I think we should consomme our relationship. (Byrd laughs) What's so funny? I am offering myself to you.
      Byrd: I know. I'm sorry, it's's consummate not consomme. Consomme is a soup. It's Like a broth.
      Gail: You knew what I meant. Didn't you?
      Byrd: Yeah. Yeah. I absolutely knew what you meant. Gail?
      Gail: Yup.
      Byrd: I would love to share my first bowl of soup with you.

    • Doris: Sam was my only child. And he's never coming home again. Does that mean I'm no longer a mother?

    • Cecily: You have to help me throw these feelings away. I have to get rid of them.
      Huff: Well feelings aren't garbage, Cecily. They're signposts. They're there to be felt, not ignored.

    • Doris: I don't really know how this works. I've never been to therapy before.
      Paula: All you do it talk and listen.

    • Homeless Hungarian: (to Huff) Yeah, yeah, you make promises all the time and then you disappear. You know, between you and me, sometimes I wonder if you're even real.

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