Season 1 Episode 3

Lipstick on Your Panties

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2004 on Showtime
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Lipstick on Your Panties
Byrd sneaks off to a teenage party and when Beth finds out what her 14 year old son did there, she goes ballistic, as Huff tries to convince her that nothing is wrong. Izzy's best friend, Lois, ends up having a major stroke. Huff has to prepare for his testimony in the wrongful-death lawsuit. Meanwhile, Russell has a party at his house that involves a ton of liquor and drugs.moreless

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  • A very good one to watch.

    Although the party at Russell's flat is longer that it should be, this episode is a very good one to watch. That scene show us that the lawyer's problems with drugs are really worrying, and that's what Huff realises as well when he goes to his friend's place.

    While Huff has to prepare himself to testify about Sam Johnson's death, Izzie has to take her friend Lois to the hospital because she suffers a severe stroke while being at Izzie's with her friends. Having a stroke is a serious and sad thing, but the scene was a bit ironic in my opinion. All those old ladies having cocktails and guacamole or something similar, one of them alking about all the pills she had into her purse and poor Lois finishing with her face into the guacamole.

    Furthermore, we see Byrd has sme friends or at leas colleagues from school and goes to a party. Doing the laundry Beth discovers lipstick in her son's slips and both she and Huff are witnesses of Byrd's explanations about what a rainbow party is. I particularly love tha scene between the three of them when Beth says that maybe she can't talk to Byrd in some days.

    Yes, for sure this episode is a very good one to watch.moreless
Annie Potts

Annie Potts

Doris Johnson

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Robert Forster

Robert Forster

Ben Huffstodt

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Alex Black

Alex Black

Tim Winnick

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Swoosie Kurtz

Swoosie Kurtz


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Faith Prince

Faith Prince


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Nancy Linehan Charles

Nancy Linehan Charles


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    • Beth: Give me one of those [cigarettes].
      Huff: What are you doing? You're not going to smoke?
      Beth: Hey, my son is a sexual deviant and my husband is going to prison for helping people. I'm smoking.

    • Izzy: (to Lois) What happened to you? Well your blood pressure finally screwed you good. Yup. A little plaque they think took a little trip up to your brain and you had a little rupture up there. You had a very bad stroke, darlin' and uh, none of use knows what it means, yet. But I am here and I'm going to stay here until Betty comes. And I'll be here as long as you want.

    • (Beth and Huff ask Byrd about the lipstick smears found in his underwear.)
      Huff: Buddy, I'd love to help you but I just don't know where to begin.
      Beth: And I don't know if I should be angry or worried.
      Huff: We just don't know why you have lipstick, you know, down there.
      Byrd: It's really no big deal.
      Huff: Good.
      Beth: Then it should be easy to tell us about it.
      Byrd: I just went to a rainbow part last night at Tim's. That's totally it.
      Beth: A rainbow party? Wow. Byrd, I am so glad that she feel safe enough to tell us about this. And we'll talk about it and we'll just keep talking, you know, about it. And I'm sure there's a lot that your father and I need to learn. Honey, we could join P.F.L.A.G.
      Huff: Why? He's not...Oh.
      Byrd: What is P.F.L.A.G.?
      Beth: Parents Of Lesbians And Gays. It's a support group for parents whose children are gay.
      Byrd: What?! What are you talking about? I'm not gay.
      Beth: Oh. But isn't the rainbow a symbol for the gay community?
      Byrd: It's a rainbow party. It's where girls wear lipstick and give guys blow jobs. That's it.
      Beth: Blowjobs?!
      Huff: That's it?!

    • Beth: Huff!
      Huff: What?
      Beth: There are Byrd's underpants and there's red lipstick smeared inside the front area.
      Huff: No.
      Beth: Yes, I just found [the lipstick] in his pants. There are the pants that he wore to Tim Winnick's last night.
      Huff: Okay.
      Beth: What is it?
      Huff: Okay.
      Beth: How did it get there?
      Huff: Okay.
      Beth: Is he putting lipstick on his penis. (Huff shrugs) I don't even think drag queens do that. What'll we do?
      Huff: Use bleach.

    • Huff: So, can I get in the tub with you?
      Beth: Only if you're confident you can hold your breath underwater for half an hour.
      Huff: Meaning what? You want me to go down on you for half an hour or you're going to drown me.
      Beth: This isn't funny.
      Huff: It's a little funny.

    • Saleswoman: You just got robbed. You should know as well as anybody that home invasions are rampant.
      Russell: I think home invasions get a bad rap. I would kill for a nice little home invasion tonight.

    • Beth: How about personalized topiaries made just for Kevin? I can create them in the shape of a football or a skateboard, pretty much whatever he's into.
      Sheila: I don't know. I like the orchids. What do Jews do?
      Beth: Well as you know a bar mitzvah is a party for kids so typically you go with something fun.
      Sheila: But we're Presbyterian.
      Beth: And you're throwing a bar mitzvah?
      Sheila: That's right. It's the new thing. So fun?
      Beth: You know, throwing a Presbyterian faux mitzvah, it's kind of a kicky idea all by itself.
      Sheila: I just don't want Kevin to be ashamed of the centerpieces.
      Beth: I see. Well my experience with 13 year old boys is that they don't really put a lot of thought into floral arrangements.
      Sheila: Yeah, well their mothers do.

    • Paula: (to Huff) Okay let me get this straight. These crazy parents screw up their son. And then they send him to you to clean up their mess. You work from your heart to try to heal the child but the damage is too great so he ends up killing himself in your office. And you all call that routine. Remind me to never call either of you if I'm ever in trouble.

    • Paige: (about her vertigo) What if it hits while I'm doing 80 on the 405?
      Huff: I don't think anyone's ever done 80 on the 405?

    • Beth: Blowjob parties! Who thought of that?
      Huff: A guy, probably.

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