Season 2 Episode 1

Maps Don't Talk (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Huff battles with a missing Teddy, a drunk Izzy, a dying mother-in-law and not speaking to Russell

    Wow, a great start to the second season. Once again this was a prime example of why I love this show. It combined drama and comedy seamlessly. I was particularly impressed with the addition of Sharon Stone to the cast. I thought she was hysterical, another psycho to add to the show!

    I thought it picked up from the end of the first season really well, starting a week or so after the finale. And again it moved beautifully from the heartbreak of seeing Madeline so ill and Teddy running around Mexico to the laughter of seeing Russell taking out Dauri and having her drunk as a skunk. However I am still battling with Beth as a character, I really would love to slap her sometimes although I have more sympathy now her mother is ill.

    I think the main reason that I love this show, and again it was another good example, is because it has two of the greatest characters ever seen on television – Russell and Izzy. They are both absolutely hysterical, flawed and awful people but I love them. In my opinion Oliver Platt and Blythe Danner deserve every single television acting award available.