Season 2 Episode 2

Maps Don't Talk (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Huff continues to look for Teddy in Mexico as Madeline takes a turn for the worse

    Another great episode in this two-part start to the season. As I’ve come to expect with this show it seamlessly combines comedy and drama. Once again it was an extremely moving episode on a number of levels: Beth coping with Madeline and she gradually gets worse and worse, Izzy still struggling to cope and her scene with Russell was superb, Huff and Beth’s relationship still very much hanging in the balance and Huff frantically searching for Teddy. All of which was extremely emotional especially the scenes between Beth and her mother and Izzy and Russell. The climax was also brilliant and left the episode on a superb cliffhanger (spoilt somewhat by FX putting a preview of next weeks episode on before the credits and therefore ruining a week of suspense – not that I think my nervous system could cope much more).

    And yet it was also extremely funny with Russell again being the stand out character and performance. But what I also liked about this episode was the Huff and Russell relationship. No matter what they had done to the other one in the finale, they could still rely on each other and were willing to help. It was also great to see them quickly pick up where they left off, pretty soon Russell was off picking up women being his usual excessive, disgusting self and Huff was dragged along for the ride.

    Overall I thought this was a very well written episode and concluded a perfect season opener. Here’s hoping the rest of the season is as good
  • Best use of a McCartney song in a moving picture

    Huff picks up where last season finished.
    The first two episodes together form a complete story and a great introduction to anyone who wants to give the series a go. It is not an easy show to watch, because it delves deep into the human mind, but the rewards are plenty.
    There is some fine acting to be seen, Oliver Platt being the obvious choice as a self-indulgent lawyer who is addicted to addictions, but also Swoosie Kurtz, who shines as a dying mother.
    This two part sequence rounds off one of the main story lines from last season. The final scene is kind of a logical conclusion, but still surprising. The song Teddy Boy, one of those little gems by Paul McCartney that you don't hear often, is played during the end credits. It could not have been more fitting.