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Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2004 on Showtime
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Dr. Craig "Huff" Huffstodt is a Los Angeles psychiatrist whose life and career comes under fire after a 15 year old gay patient of his commits suicide in his office. While at home, Huff tries to deal with his families insanities, including his very opinionated mother, Izzy, who is constantly butting into Beth, his wife's, business.moreless

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  • If a pilot episode is the presentation of a series, this series is a worth to watch.

    The pilot episode of "Huff" is one of the best first episodes I've ever watched. If a pilot is the presentation of a series, this series is a worth to watch, because from the great scene of Huff and his patient in the office, you realise this series is something good. Yeah, that scene was great and heartbreaking. You meet Huff for the first time and soon you know he's a nice man. You also meet his family (his wife Beth, son Byrd, mum Izzie and brother Teddy) and his best friend, an unscrupulou lawyer with a big drug problem.

    Yeah, this is a very good pilot which catches the viewer attention.moreless
  • One of the best Pilot episodes I've ever seen (and I didn't even see the whole thing!)

    While channel surfing I encounted this rather intriguing program (Huff). I started watching it for a few minutes and soon found myself unable to turn it off.

    What makes this show so good you ask? Is it the actors? Is it the writing? Is it the production values? Quite possibly it's a combination of all three and then some.

    We get a number of insights into the life (or should that be midlife) of the title character through his work, family, friends, and his own delusions/fantasies. All this stemming from the suicide of a young patient under his care.

    With such a promising beginning this show has the potential for greatness....only time will tellmoreless
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    • Izzy: Tweet damn it.
      Beth: It's a canary, Izzy. Not a parrot.
      Izzy: Well it's a bird. Don't all birds tweet?
      Huff: Not that bird.

    • Huff: I'm just saying, sex is rarely, if ever, for fun or for free.

    • Huff: I wonder how long it takes to get bone fragments out of plaster.

    • Byrd: Should I be worrying about you?
      Huff: Of course not.
      Byrd: Well I mean I always worry about you because you're my dad and I love you. But this is the first time you've lost a patient like this and I know how much you care.
      Huff: You do?
      Byrd: Uh huh. Yeah, sometimes I think you care too much, dad. It wasn't your fault.
      Huff: I hope not. Do I need to worry about you?
      Byrd: Uh so far so good. I mean I'm not going to bring a gun to school. I'm not shooting dope. I'm not in a gang. I don't suffer from peer pressure. I'm not suicidal.
      Huff: You know what would be okay, don't you?
      Byrd: What? To off myself?
      Huff: To be whoever you are.
      Byrd: Okay. Well, I'm not gay, dad. Which is a miracle considering I used to spend my summers with grandma.

    • Izzy: Nothing empties a psychiatrist's office faster than a suicide.

    • Izzy: [Huff's] trying to kill me. Pork chops, ha. He's a doctor for God's sake.
      Beth: Well they're very lean.
      Izzy: How can they be lean? They're pork chops, aren't they? You know there is one thing I will say for those Jews, their food is clean.

    • Huff: I'm a psychiatrist who's tired of listening.

    • Huff: If anybody wants me I'll be in a cheap motelroom with a homeless Hungarian musician laying down tracks on his synthesizer.

    • Russell: She's claiming sexual harassment.
      Huff: I thought you said you never touched her.
      Russell: Exactly. She suing me because she wasn't harassed.

    • Russell: You gotta wake up and smell the pussy puss. Men are pigs and you are too. And that's ok.

    • Huff: But you've been feeling so much better.
      Patient 1: I know.
      Huff: So why do you want to stop taking your medication?
      Patient 1: I don't know. I'm just not having any fun anymore. It's like I'm missing out.
      Huff: Well what do you miss? Specifically.
      Patient 1: Specifically? Promiscuity, hallucinogens, and self-mutilation.
      Huff: I see. But here's the thing, you've actually made a lot of progress.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Huff makes a mistake with Norma's prescription. In the office, he suggests taking two pills after breakfast and two after lunch. When he asks his receptionist to write the prescription, however, he says "4 q.i.d." which is equal to four pills, four times a day.