Season 2 Episode 6

Red Meat

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Same old, different old

    I don't know what it is about "Huff". To me it seems that the show is constantly shooting itself in the foot by not living up to its potential. On the other hand, it always succeeds to get you in the end and with that two sides of a coin frustrating and elevating me each week, I am reminded of a lot of episodes of "Six Feet Under". Both shows had a similar groundwork, which was to take stories we know from other shows and to take them to areas that commercial shows can't go. But somehow both get lost way too often, as if they're unable to deal with their own possibilities.

    Let's look at the good things in this episode. The best thing certainly is Teddy's meeting with Alyssa. I love his character and he deserves something good so much. Of course, they can't stop making him have visions and breakdowns, but, come on, just stop his suffering. Everybody suffers on that show so much, why not at least give the psychotic character a break?

    Although I didn't really like the basic idea of Huff's father returning (we've been there - and with Robert Forster, no offense Tom), I really enjoyed their conversation in the restaurant. Scenes like this are the reason I still watch the show, because it can show us people saying honest things in a way we are not used to, neither on TV nor in real life.

    But, oh, the rest of the episode was kind of tiresome. Could they please decide where they go with Beth and the prayer group? Those scenes were painful to watch, because the show doesn't neither indicate if it finds those women ridiculous or not and nor if Beth thinks so. I liked the final scene with her and Huff, but I didn't liked her praying, mainly because there could be so many other ways she could tell him that she still feels for him.

    What really annoyed me were Izzy and Russell. Izzy getting drunk with her friends and talking about sex, she getting arrested... please can this woman get any development? Her whole storyline didn't seem to have anything to say about her.

    And Russell? Getting robbed on a teenage drug party? Could the writers please, please realize that it is really annoying to see him getting high every episode is simply boring after the 20th-or-so time? And, no, the gay sex scene didn't help, because it was pointless and no one knew how to handle it, and, no, a screaming baby as a redemption for Russell isn't the best answer for his character. Why can't they just do something special with him? Because, if they don't want to, what is the point of having him there, doing the same things over and over again? (same goes for Izzy).

    And, by the way, is Byrd still in this show? Is it really necessary to ignore the most intriguing character of this series?

    Well, I still sort of enjoy watching "Huff", because when it hits its marks, it really does. But it misses the target more than it needs to and I wouldn't mind seeing some potential being actually put into something.
  • Everybody's changing!

    In this episode nearly everbodys is developing and doing a step forward.
    Firstly, Teddy is talking to a woman on the street and gets her number after escorting her home. He even tries to call her and tells himself, that she is not bad for him. Old Teddy wouldn't ever done this.
    Afterwards he meets his father after 15 years no see. But instead of addressing reproaches to him, he tells his dad that he loves him. His father is overwhelmed by such termless feelings! Great acting of Andy Comeau (Teddy)!

    Secondly, Huff himself is developing by talking to his father and accompany him on his ways in the town. It's interesting to see how a psychiatrist handels hin own problems.

    Thirdly, you got Beth who is starting to pray for things she wants to happen. At first she gets advised by her friends who help her to get a feeling for it and in the end she's doing it alone in bed when she sees sleeping Huff.

    Well, fourthly, Russel isn't changed at all. He is still naive and just don't know what's good for him! Will he ever change, I doubt that.

    Looking forward to the next episode, so long,
  • Good show.

    That show was ok..
    I´ts kind of weard to see Beth in a prayer groo, but i think that she will enjoy I't. And Russel is jsut the same guy. Huff talkt to his father and Teddy met his father,that was ok... so i think that that was a great show..
    I can't wait until the next show.