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  • Starting off as quirky, original and with strong characters this show didn't wait long before taking the nose dive to becoming one of those mundane, whiney shows that make you wish you could get a refund on your time.

    I watched the first episode when it aired on free to air televion in Australia and loved it. I thought it was worth mentioning to others, so even passed on the word telling people to tape it and watch it later if they could not sit up beyond midnight to watch it.

    Sadly... at the first sign of marital trouble, the characters became whiney and irritating. If Huff gets back on track later, I wouldn't know... I gave it a few chances to pick up again and then gave up on self torture. Three strikes n' all that.

    I don't think life of television folk should appear perfect but gruddamn it there's enough shows out there whining on and putting arms to foreheads like Victorian maidens in distress without the rest of television needing to follow suit.

    Veronica Mars, I think, manages character crisis' well - keeping up the pace of the story line and being true to the character while letting you know all is not well without the deterioration into BORING!

    My advice... watch the first few episodes, they are still worth it... but when the characters start to annoy - 'run! forrest! run!'.

    I'm not surprised it was canned.
  • A very interesting show.

    I discovered this show some weeks ago and decided to give it a chance. Thankfully I did it because it's a very interesting show to watch. Firstly, the plot is good, a psychiatrist who see in his own office how one of his patiens, a 15 year old boy, kill himself. From that incidence on, Huff started to see a strange man from western Europe and other fantasies. The episodes are very well written and the development of each one of the characters is brilliant. There is sex, drugs and swearwords but those things are one of the charms of "Huff".

    At last, but not least, I have to mention the wonderful cast starting with Hank Azaria, who plays the main character Dr. Craig Huffstodt; Paget Brewster, Blythe Danner, Oliver Platt and Anton Yelchin. But, there are many good supporting actors. I have may episodes to watch already, but it seems this was another show cancelled too early by Showtime.
  • Excellent show can't wait for season 2 to come out on DVD as already own season 1....

    Awesome! Can't wait for season 2 to come out on DVD. An excellent show that I greatly enjoyed. Very well written and acted.......
    I don't understand why when they have such quality shows they are always so short lived yet the reality tv genre just keeps growing and growing while only two seasons of this awesome show are all I'm aware of and can only wish for more more more......
    I know money is the biggest consideration but quality shold also be a factor. We have the access to great writers and actors etc. needed for such great works like Huff yet we don't take advantage of the quality of shows such as this....
  • A brilliantly written show. I'm compelled to register my disgust that it did not get scheduled for a third season.

    A brilliantly written show. I'm compelled to register my disgust that it did not get scheduled for a third season. Surely showtime could at least give its followers the decency of a feature lenght episode to resolve the storyline?

    Its an abomination that quality television like this gets axed while mediocre reality shows continue to dominate our airwaves.

    I take my hat off to the writers, actors, editors and director for two seasons of compelling viewing. Visually it was superb and the scene transitions were remarkable. The writing was sharp and witty and the character development was very well executed.

    Huff is the best show to hit TV since Twin Peaks. And thats really saying something
  • Why does Showtime end up cancelling all the good shows?

    The series of Huff was a ground breaking drama that truly had power over it's viewers. I see why every actor of this show joined this magnicifent cast of award winners. Hank Azaria portrail of Dr. Craig "Huff" Huffstodt was some of the most emotionally moving acting I have seen in a long time. The shows vision of a mental health crisis is very life like, and almost to close to home. With the feeling of a real family, with its few ups and majority of downs, this show made you feel good, funny, scared, sad and left you wanting more. It is truly sad that this series had to end so soon. I can't say it was a shock though, with Showtime throwing it to the back of the pile, it seems that there wasn't much hope for a return after it's long hiatus. I wish there were more dramas with this much content and this much feeling.
  • Huff canceled? r u ppl out of ur minds ?? U had one of the best show's going for u, U never promoted it really well, u kinda had to fall on it.All the other shows at there best peek in the season didn't came close to huff. S

    Huff is gone, It will be missed. I liked this show! Show time have great shows, I found Huff to be cutting edge but now that i've found Californication I don't miss Huff as much. Is Showtime the new HBO. We Canadians always get them later here, like weeds and dirt, there starting now and the season is ended in the states, hey whose complaining? Not me I got my californication :) my guilty n personal favorite of mine. I'm also happy for this site, it give's you a heads up on shows to come. This is great.
    Ciao for now.
  • unbelievable

    this show is so smart and the humour is very black and high brow. the casting is fantastic. Oliver Platt is incredible and the wake of devastation he leaves in his path is ridiculous. I especially loved seeing Bob Saget, in a cameo, after Huff tries an intervention for his drug habit, offering to give Mary-Kate and Ashley-lookalike midget prostitutes a bath.
  • Nice show.

    What gripped me about this show was the authenticity and three-dimensionality of _all_ of HUFF's characters. No one-note stereotypes. Conflicted. Mixing irritating irrationality and perversity with endearing and respectworthy qualities. I _cared_ about these people!! I wanted to know more about them, and what happened to them next.

    Their lives were a revelation to me. Probably, for artistic license, each individual character was packed with somewhat more complexity than any one person you'd usually come across in daily life. But for me, that was a bonus.

    Finding ways to "decode" others' behavior and internal workings has always been an urgent need in my several decades of life beleaguered with Attention Deficit Disorder (especially long before ADD was "discovered" and validated). Thus, for me the show has provided not only engaging entertainment but also an education in some of the many conditions the fellow humans I meet may be living through.

    For this I want to especially praise Andy Comeau. For me his contribution is the most significant in the show. Through insight and skill he managed to convey the _humanness_ of a character the average viewer would see only as "some kinda nut".

    Huff's brother Teddy is one of the few in the show identified with a specific mental disorder – in his case, schizophrenia. Comeau acquaints us (superbly!) with not only the dysfunctionality but – more importantly,I think – additionally with the _normality_ and _commonality_ that is ALSO part of Teddy's makeup. He shows that Teddy is not "merely a nut case" but is also _a human being_. Like we ALL are, in one way or another -- as we can se, IF we care to LOOK.

    Most people divide the world into two camps – the normals (themselves and people they like) and the crazies (people they don't understand and therefore put down). Comeau's brilliant and sensitive performance helps us see that EVERYONE is a mixture of, or somewhere on a continuum between, these two endpoints.

    When more people understand that, the world will be a much better place -- for ALL of us.
  • Huff was an absolute godsend to television! Awsome and intellectual story line with loads of potential. It would take forever to recount the story lines but I was so looking forward to seeing a proper conclusion. Please bring it back!

    A level headed psychologist suddenly thrown into a living hell, a marriage with lots of potential but can`t seem to connect the dots, an intelligent and mature son who started out right but is falling into the dark side, a brother with a mental handicap who tries to keep himself straight but is held back by his handicap, a completly irresponsible party loving lawer who might (just might) be forced to turn his life around, a Grandmother who is realising she doesn`t have it as tough as she thought, and a bunch of other people whose lives are influencing and twisted around the lives of these people. What a drama! What a show! Don`t leave us least write a book about "Huff."
  • Huff was about a psychiatrist whose life changes when a client commits suicide in his office. After years of helping clients deal with their traumas, Huff has to deal with his own, and is forced to re-evaluate his entire take on life.

    I am soooo mad I could scream. Showtime continues to pull me in on these great series and then they chop it's head off! I loved "Dead like me" and they canned it, now "Huff"! "Fat actress" and Queer as folk" were my guilty pleasures. If "Weeds", "L Word", or "Dexter" leaves this network.... I am going to protest by cancelling my subscription!
  • Anouther great Showtime show that flew under the radar.

    I think when it comes to series; Showtime should not make them because they suck at promoting them. Remember the series Dead Like me, it was great but Showtime did bad at promoting that and they did bad at promoting Huff.

    Hank Azaria is the star of the show and he can show you his outstanding acting that shows you he can do more then being an outstanding voice actor. I can\'t belive this show had a great cast, by great I don\'t mean the most poplar actors I mean great for acting. Hank Azria, Blythe Danner, Oliver Platt, Anton Yelchin; that is better then the cast of the Sapranos.

    Im glad that Blythe said at the emmys about winng the emmy even though Huff getting cancelled. If only HBO picked it up and advertized it better.
  • Bowing out in style.

    Having (belatedly) seen the Huff finale last night I've come to realise how much I'll miss it.

    Watching season 1 you felt kind of privileged to be watching such an undervalued show, the writing was innovative, quirky and downright funny - a fine achievement for such a serious concept. Sure season 2 dipped a little but the finale is absolutely spot-on and has left me quietly pleased that the rug's been pulled from under the show.

    Season 3 would have been a hard sell for a show with an already small fan base. The splendidly written second season finale leaves a sense of closure and resists the temptation to sugar-coat the ending. The point of the show after all is Huff's inability to establish order his life and that theme carries through (as it should).

    Huff is a rare breed and one to seek out on DVD or on re-runs if you get the opportunity.
  • Dr Craig "Huff" Huffstodt is a psychaiatrist who witnesses a patient commit suicide. Since then his approach to life is different as his family and drug addicted friend conflict with his interests.

    What the deuce! This show was axed after its second season and again more question were left unanswered. Not even an Emmy could save the show which is quite a shame. I never came across a TV show that had so much swearing, which I quite enjoyed but at the same time shocked. I also know what Hank Azaria looks like since most of this time was him doing voice-acting for The Simpsons. He did a fantastic job portraying a troubled family man where it appears his whole family has turned on him. Although each episode was approximately 55 minutes long and the quality started to decrease, it still remains an intelligent show that was treated unfairly.
  • Another great HBO run.

    Huff's first season just finished showing here in HBO Asia. It was surprised it turn out that well. I was watching Hank Azaria's Tuesdays With Morrie when I decided to catch the season. I not totally a fan of him but a world of a psychologist would be unique and different. There are no Analyze This moments here. In a drama series sometimes good comic relief is needed. Like the character of Russell. He is a lawyer but also a sex and drugs addict. I can't seem to see the reason how Huff and Russell became best friends. To add it all up there is the saracastic son Byrd, the annoying mother Izzy and Maggie the super secretary that provides good support to the main cast.

    Overall it was an HBO Series always gives you something a taste of difference.
  • Terrific show, highly entertaining...

    In February of 2005, seven of my close friends and I, went to the Dominica Republic on vacation. Our evenings were spent usually in a club or floating in a pool drinking cocktails. However, on the nights when you want to stay in the room, watch a little TV and nurse your sunburn, we discovered a show called "Huff". We managed to catch a few of the last episodes of season 1. From that moment we were hooked. All of us returned to Canada and immediately tried to find the show. Luckily enough, the second season was about to start and they were showing all the episodes from season one. We watched every one. We continued to watch the show every week until the finale at the end of June. We are very sad to hear that the show has been cancelled. We will miss the terrific story lines, the amazing cast, and the humour (Oliver Platt is wonderful). Please bring it back. I think it just needs a bit more time to catch on. We hadn't even heard of it until after the first season was over. Thanks for your time.
  • A Drama that shows you that everyone's family is a little crazy......

    As long as you recognize it. The entire family believes each of them is sane and everyone around them is just crazy. Huff shows the typical family drama that plays out millions of times a day, just a bit more upscale obviously.

    HBO or FX would be wise to take a flyer on this show, it has 2+ seasons of life left in it. Besides LOST, it is the best Drama i have seen in the past 2 years hands down.

    Its what HBO Drama's were back in the day. Showtime will always be second rate if they can't lose money in the short term to build themselves. HBO lost money on Soprano's and Sex in the city for years, Now look at them. Syndication, DVD rentals and sales.

    Like my dead grandfather said, "You have to spend money to make money.".

    Shame on you Showtime, I thought you were coming up to the big leagues, but you decided to stay in the minors.
  • What is this thing?

    Huff is just an awesome TV show! The characters are just so realistic, the lines are so great, it really gets my whole atention! Hank Azaria is a marvelous actor, he really plays Dr. Huffstodt well and the rest of the team are also great! I can't wait the next season!
  • I love thiss show... cant stop watching..!! absolutely fabulous..

    This show is about Huff, and all the people that are around
    him! He has a great wife but there are some problomes in there maridge..!!In the season 2 the problomes began..
    Beths mom is dying but then her canser stops growing and gets smaller..first i didn't get that, but it's kind of cool. Byrd,poor him! His perents are arquing and that is doing something to him.. So beth and Huff got to realise that before it's to late. And izzy she is AMAZING! her arcter is great, and she does know how to get into beths nerws...In the shows in the 1 season there was a problome. Sam, huffs patient killed him delf in huff's office.So the first 3,4 shows was about that! then in the 3 last shows the reel problome began. Huff kissed another woman and Beth was mad, of course.. Beths mother was dying,Izzy had sex with Russel....And everything got so complicated.. AND so i dont foreget.. Russel is going to have a baby..But in the episode ''Sweet Release ''beth and Huffs Relationship goot
    beter a they took there time and had a romantic Weekend to I hope that there relationship will get better! so we just have to see!
  • And I should watch it because...?

    On the surface, Huff seems to be a show where success shouldn't be a surprise. Not only is the cast talented, but these are a group of actors who everyone knows is great but they rarely seem to recieve the adulation they deserve. The premise is solid: a therapist (played very convincingly by Azaria) who has to face his own issues of sanity. The pilot is a very strong hook with the 15-year-old "poor little homosexual" who commits suicide in Huff's office and the director made a very smart choice in showing the ugliness of the suicide so it would stick out in our minds as well as Huff's.

    But I couldn't finish this show. I rented it, got through three discs, and all I could think was "so what"? I think the show's main problem is in biting off more than it can chew. It has TOO many storylines. Instead of getting a strong focus on a few key storylines, every character is dealing with major crisis and it's just overlord. For instance, when Huff's psycho patient Melody (wonderfully played by Lara Flynn Boyle) invades his home and attacks his wife, we barely get to focus on it because our attention is pulled by Beth's mom's cancer, Izzy's dying friend, Byrd's sexual exploration, Russell's hedonism, and Teddy, whose schizophrenia is an foreshadowing of Huff's (it's pretty obvious from the beginning that the Hungarian isn't real; if it turns out he is, my bad), is about as much a character as Doogy Howser's computer.

    Despite magnetic performances from the cast (especially Platt, whose character is essentially a spinoff from who he played on The West Wing), I constantly found my attention drifting away from this show.

    Doing an hour long drama requires not only balance in the quantity of storylines, but in their quality as well. Because everything is played so big, there's really no basis for comparison and there's no balance of dramatic weight.

    I may re-rent the first season just to watch the final four episodes, but that's more out of my desire to finish what I start rather than actual curiosity.
  • A dark comedy about life in general.

    Hank Azaria is almost as good in this as he is with he voices in "The Simpsons". One of the great things about this show is that t is almost beyond classification. It's comedy, albeit dark comedy. It is a dark comedy, drama, romance and suspense all in one. The cast as a whole works very well together and the characters are all believable.

    I had concern that this show would not be returning for a second season. I had hope after it got so many award nominations. If you have never seen this show please give it a try.
  • Wow! HUFF Season was worth the wait! Season 2 premier exceeded my expectations. The writing is definately better than last year

    Wow! HUFF Season was worth the wait! The writing is definately better than last year and after watching the first season I thought it couldn't get any better. The premier exceeded my expectations. I've never been a fan of Sharon Stone and I thought she could never act, but, admittedly she was excellent- the office scene was so good and the timing with Oliver Platt made it one of the best parts in the show.-Brilliant!
    I look forward to next week!
  • Worth watching, definetly...

    I saw the first season when it aired and it strucked me. It was something different from what i ever watched till then, the crazy family of a shrink has never been on tv.
    The pilot, was one of the best pilots of any series that could ever been made, it makes you so interested that you will watch the series even if the series end up like c*ap. But Huff begs to differ, the other episodes are not bad, not bat at all.
    The show is about Huff, who is a shrink. Huff has a teen homosexual patient that commites suicide in fron of him. Thins makes him go bizzerk. His family is crazy too, his friend is the crazyest in the show.
    It's about crazy people, about me and you.
    It is a verry interesting series so watch it even if it's about crazy people, you could learn something from it.
  • Hank Azara makes this show work!

    Hank Azara makes the show
    Long a supporting player as well as
    Being known as the ex-husband of Helen Hunt
    Who is now a motion picture star
    And after standing in her shadow
    Finally gets to show off his stuff
    And what he is made of
    Backed by a wonderful supporting cast
    This show has a feel of Arrested Development
    But also it works with the writing and directing
    Not just the acting parts!
  • This is DEFINITELY one of the BEST shows on TV right now!!!!

    This is definitely one of the BEST shows on TV right now!!!!
    INCREDIBLE writing, FANTASTIC dialogues, EXTRAORDINARY performances!!!
    Hank Azaria and Paget Brewster are finally getting the spotlight they both deserve. Oliver Platt's character, Russell Tupper, is the most annoying yet the most entertaining character on television today!!! And Blythe Danner is just GRAND!!
    Episode 6 “Is he dead”, can stand-alone as a short movie (well, that’s why it got a Genesis Award) and EVERYONE in it deserve awards, but Blythe Danner is breathtaking! (well, that’s why she got an Emmy Award)
    Without really being immoral but with being real, they don’t try to push a moral or religious message! The dialogues sometimes are just too funny and too real to be on TV! For you who’ve seen it you may be familiar with the “ball” conversation! I swear I thought I cracked a rib laughing when I saw it!

    The show is moving, exciting and funny! Pure entertainment!!!

    I’m SOOOO glad it’s back for a second season!!! :)))))))))))
  • Yeah!! HUFF is back!

    I\'m so glad Huff is coming back!! I love the entire cast. Hank Azaria continues to impress and show he\'s not just the voice of the Simpsons and a character actor. He stands out and really holds this amazing show together. The writing is superb. Oliver Platt is fantastic as the caustic but lovable drug and booze addicted lawyer/best friend to Huff. Blythe Danner lights up every scene she\'s in. And Paget Brewster is the sexist wife a man could wish for. What I truly love about this show is that just when you think one character is good and squeaky clean they do something questionable which makes them human, and I respect that. Keep up the great work!! I can\'t wait for the season premier.
  • With a brilliant ensemble cast and original writing that manages to alternately shock and delight, Huff is a fabulous find.

    Oliver Platt and Blythe Danner soar in this simultaneously touching and hilarious adult dramedy. Combining elements of melodrama with high comedy, Huff tells the truths about mental illness, families, and love. Although successful psychiatrist Craig Huffstodt is the show's center, it's the stellar ensemble cast that makes it special.

    Veteran film actor Oliver Platt plays Huff's best friend Russell, a briliant, boozy, drug popping, whore mongering attorney who relies on the Huff family for whatever stability and anchoring his life has. Danner is Huff's crazy WASP Mom. And Anton Yelchin is his sensitive adolescent son. Each actor brings truth and humor to his role. And the show is so much the better for it. Although some of the writing veers dangerously close to being over the top, the authenticity of the performances makes for consistent compelling viewing.
  • I stumbled on this show by accident, and was hooked from the opening scene. Huff is a psychiatrist that needs a shrink! The show follows him through his life and attempts at keeping it together after a young patient commits suicide in his office.

    The thing I love most about this show is that I don't really know how to classify it. It's comedy, albeit dark comedy. It's drama, deeply so at times. It's suspense and has a little bit of romance...well mostly just sex, but sometimes romance...thrown in for good measure.
    I was very afraid that this show would not be returning this year but was elated when it grabbed so many award nominiations and was picked up again because there were just too many questions that were now begging to be answered.
    If you are a fan of the new primetime cable craze, add this one to your list and I guarantee you won't be let down.
  • Hilarious! Gripping! Nitty-Titty-Gritty!

    F*****G HISTARICAL!! Can't wait to see the new episodes! ... love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. Worth EVERY penny for Showtime!! love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. love it. F****NG HISTARICAL!! F***ING HISTARICAL!! F**KING HISTARICAL!! pOrCKiN' HISTARICAL!! MORTA FLIP-FLOP HISTARICAL!!
  • This is a great show that I hopefully will be watching for years to come.

    I love this show. I caught it ON Demand on SHOwtime. I watched every episode back to back I couldn't sleep until I had watched every single episode! Now I am watching them for a second time. I think this show is unlike anything I have seen in long time. I am very happy that Blythe Danner won an award for her role as Huff's medling mother. The character's are all great and twisted. I thought it would be hard to watch because I would constantly find myself thinking of the Simpson's (Hank Azaria) but god he is good! I can't wait till January. I miss Huff!
  • I want more; this show was wonderful.

    I heard about Huff by accident and decided to check it out; it looked interesting. And it was. It has that wonderful mix of drama and black humour that I adore so much. Hank Azaria is an underappreciated actor, and a very funny man. Huff is a show about serious issues and problems in the life of a family (and their friends), but still managed to pull off comedy. I sincerely recommend Huff to everyone.
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