Season 2 Episode 4

Sweet Release

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Huff continues to be brilliant. Enough said.

    Another lovely addition to the second season of Huff. I honestly don't understand all the negative reviews they've given this one on the net: Huff has never been so refreshing and good. This episode was rather eventful, with Beth and Huff trying to find find back the passion in their relationship (resulting in them being thrown out of a spa for having sex in a steam room). Russel finally had his own passionate night with the fake epileptic blonde which resulted in her arrest. Byrd apparently broke in to a random house (?) and arranged a meeting between his new friend and Teddy. Which resulted in Teddy fleeing the premises in the middle of the night - again. Poor Huff! I'm hoping for another great two-parter like at the start of the season, but that probably won't happen. Ah, well, it was an eventful episode and I'm looking forward to watch what happens next.
  • Great show..!!!

    woww that show was o amazing..!!
    hahaha izzy she was great in that show.
    and finaly Beth and Huff are stopping fighting and they are so coute to gether.. Byrd, he broked in to a house... but he had a new friend and Russel.. Russel, he had a great time.. but not in the end.. Teddy.. i thot that he was weard.. but tat is just who he is.. he thinks that someone is watching him.. and The end wass cool.....

    so that is all of my rewiew.. soo i'm looking fore to the next show Huff..!!! I cant wait.