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  • This is such a great show! Probably one of the best on TV right now...

    I normally don't write reviews for shows, but this one is amazing and I really don't want ABC to cancel another show I love. I think people may easily be turned off by the idea of a Fat Camp, thinking that it's too narrow of a focus or too messy with emotions or something. But the focus of Huge is anything but narrow, and the drama inherent in the forced situation of a "fat camp" is what makes this show so compelling. It's so easy for people who consider themselves progressive and fair-minded to write off fat people as lazy or otherwise unworthy, but this show forces the viewer to realize how flawed such assumptions are. The main characters are fat, yes, but above and beyond they are people-- young, emotionally vulnerable people who are trying to figure out how to navigate their way in the world. The writing in this show is phenomenal- always compelling, always insightful, without ever feeling preachy or overdone. The acting, as well, is superb, especially from such a young cast. All the characters are flawed, well-developed individuals...hard not to love because the writers show us them from all angles. Give Huge a chance; I promise you'll love it!
  • A group of overweight teens converge at a FAT camp for Summer. Enough said.

    At first, I thought this would be just another show about obese individuals. As this show has progressed it's proven that this isn't just another show about being healthy and losing weight. It's about finding yourself and making your way through the world as you see fit, and not letting anybody put you down or criticize you for being you. The characters of this show have given true performances that are relatable to any teenager no matter what the size. I'm impressed with the range of personalities and the storylines the show has. The storylines translate out of the Camp Victory and make for a bigger picture, a better understanding of a young adults minds, and the struggles they make to fit the quota of the world. I say YaY for Camp Victory!!
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