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Submission Guidelines (Updated 29 November 2008)

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    Welcome to the TV.com guide for Hulk.

    Please ensure that you have read the TV.com Guidelines and the guidelines below prior to submitting information to the guide. If you need any clarification on the guidelines, please PM me and I will be happy to help.

    Here are just a few rules on submissions that should be followed:


    Copy & Pasting of information from another site is disallowed on TV.com. All work (except for quotes, episode titles, etc.) must be your original work; do not copy from another site. Also, all trivia items and notes must be facts, not opinions. Make sure that they are important facts. First/last appearances of characters are acceptable.


    Please always provide a source for your information - this will help me to verify that your submission is legitimate and can help speed up the moderation process. If you gained your information from another website, please copy the exact URL for the page on the site that you gained the information from - try not to just give me the main website page as I may not be able to find the information on the site and this may result in rejection of your submission.

    I do accept Wikipedia as a source for your submissions, but if possible please provide a second source.

    If your source is "I watched the episode" this is fine, but please try to make a note of where in the episode the information was - a time stamp is always good, even if it's just to give me a rough idea of which part of the episode I need to check to confirm your submission, if I do not remember the episode that well.

    If your source is a book or a magazine, you could consider including a scanned version of the page in your submission comments - this is not required, but could help your submission to be dealt with faster.

    Submission comments:

    Please always include a comment. Comments are there for two reasons - they help me to see what changes you are making and they help you to see the same when you check the submissions tab in your profile.

    An ideal submission comment will tell me as specifically as possible what you are changing (i.e. if you are removing an incorrect guest star and adding two missing stars, please name them and tell me what you're doing with them!) and will also include a source.

    If I do reject your submission, I will include what you submitted before and tell you what it wrong with it so you have the opportunity to edit it and submit it again.

    Spelling/Grammar Checking:

    Please check your spelling and grammar before hitting the submit button. Errors can be easily missed while you're concentrating on typing out a submission, but can be easily caught with a quick check before pressing the submit button.

    I will correct minor spelling and grammar errors where possible, but if your spelling and grammar is so bad that I can't understand your submission, I will be forced to reject.

    Episode Submission Guidelines:

    In order to submit a new episode to the guide, you must have 2 out of 3 of the following criteria:

    Air date

    This means you can submit an episode with:

    Title and Summary, but no airdate.
    Title plus Airdate, but no summary (if you do this, please leave the summary box completely blank).
    Title, Summary and Airdate.

    You will be unable to submit an episode without a title.

    Please provide a source for episode additions - if you watched the episode and are using your knowledge from the viewing rather than using an internet source, please note this and note when and where you watched the episode.

    - Summaries should be over 4 sentences long, and shouldn't contain any spoilers.

    Additionally, recaps should completely explain the episode, be longer than the episode summary and can contain spoilers.

    If you are adding production codes for the episodes, please provide a source so I can verify the information; otherwise they will be rejected.


    According to the TV.com guidelines, "Trivia is any small detail or goof that may not be known to people who view an episode. Trivia deals with on screen information. A car license plate is trivia. A goof is also trivia. Anything that happens off screen is not trivia."


    From the TV.com guidelines: "Notes deal with off screen details. Details relating to show production should be included in the notes section."


    From the TV.com guidelines: "An allusion is an indirect reference to another form of media - a show, movie, book, piece of music etc. If the media is directly referred to, for example the star of a show names another show, this is not an allusion. Please include as much information as possible when submitting allusions to the show."

    When you submit an allusion, please include either the quote from the episode or a header of some form in bold followed by a short explanation of the allusion, for example:

    Person X: Hey, you look just like Captain Kirk!
    Captain Kirk was a character in the Sci-Fi show, Star Trek.


    When submitting a quote, the character name should be in bold. The colon following the character name should not be in bold. Any actions in the quote should be in italics.

    A quote is submitted as follows:

    This gives you the following:

    Character Name 1: Quote line one.
    (action here)
    Character Name 2: Quote line two.


    Please submit all cast members in one submission. Likewise, please submit all crew members in one submission. Submissions which add guest stars/cast to an episode one person at a time come under the heading of gaming and will not be accepted.

    Please do not ask to be a trusted user; I will appoint one only if I feel I need one and/or he/she deserves to be trusted for the guide (by submittiing quality information; etc.)

    And on a final note, everyone is welcomed to contribute to the guide and all submissions are appreciated, as long as they're valid.

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