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  • A childhood favorite

    I remember my first reaction to the Hulk cartoon: "What's this?" The first thing I noticed is that the animation was unlike the other cartoons on TV. Basically you had a reprint of the original comic book drawings with moving mouths. Sometimes the whole drawing would move to indicate "action." While this may sound bad, it actually added to its appeal. I found myself glued to the TV while this show was on. I loved the fact that the stories came directly from the comic books. No "made up" stories by some writer who hadn't read the original comics.

    Each episode ended like the real comics; the viewer was left with a cliff-hanger until the next episode. Wow! If you're looking for a classic superhero cartoon, here it is.
  • The first ever animated series to star the Green Goliath, the Incredible Hulk!

    At first I thought the show would be a waste of time, especially after hearing the opening song. But after the first few episodes, the show began to interest me. It is so different from any other Hulk show (be it animated or live-action); the stories are once again lifted straight from the ever so popular Marvel comic books, and for the first time in a Hulk show we have an origin episode.

    The animation is lacking, even for a '60s animated show. However the stories are great, and they will surely impress you at least once.

    If you can live through the ridiculous opening song, and watch an episode, you'll know what I mean.
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