Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Sunday 11:00 AM on Disney XD Premiered Aug 11, 2013 In Season





Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Fan Reviews (5)

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  • Wow Just Wow!

    You don't know greatness until you've seen this show
  • Amazing

    This is just amazing on all standards
  • Great!

    One of the best animated shows on television.
  • The show is doing Okay

    I just want to know that the show doing okay. But it doing just fine. But the music is okay, the animation is okay.

    But this is the show I really enjoy. But it needs to do better next time. I believe that Seth Green is more talent than that! But the show did very well. But it needs more genetic. I don't disagree with this.
  • Just painful. But hey, at least it's consistent!

    I notice there are no series reviews of this turd, I assume because everyone's either done the smart thing and bailed, or they've stuck with it and are too shellshocked to form coherent opinions.

    Besides once again demonstrating the greatest truth about Marvel Animation: crap floats, the production team behind this series have accomplished something truly unique, and that probably nobody would ever have believed could be done. Or, indeed, would ever have imagined anyone WOULD.

    They've somehow engineered a sick, mad-scientist hybrid that's part reality television, and part Road Runner cartoon. If that wasn't enough, it combines the worst parts of both.

    I swear Seth Green must've lost a BET. I know he's a media whore, but it's still kind of hard to understand why he'd willingly associate himself with this mess.

    Fourteen episodes in, basically nothing has improved since the first episode. The show is determinedly consistent in its terribleness. I have no idea who the target audience for this is, but I assume they have to squeeze it in between diaper changes and naptime.
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