Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling

CBS (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Three Little Hulks
      Three Little Hulks
      Episode 12
      Hulk Hogan's three nephews Henry, Harvey, and Howie pay him a visit. When they mess up his apartment and gym, however, Hulk begins to have second thoughts about having them over. Reminded of his own rowdy childhood, he manages to overcome his anger.
    • The Wrong Stuff
      The Wrong Stuff
      Episode 11
      The United States government ask Hulk Hogan and the gang to go into space. When they head off to space camp, they discover that Roddy Piper's gang has also been recruited. When Hogan and Nikolai Volkoff win the competition to go into space, Piper and the Iron Shiek try to sabotage their mission. They fail and Hogan and Volkoff make it safely into space.moreless
    • Rowdy Roddy Reforms
      After crashing his Hot Rod into a police car, a judge rules that Roddy Piper must change his ways or be thrown in jail. With some help, Roddy does reform his ways. Sheik, Volkoff and Moolah must find a way to get the old Piper back.
    • My Fair Wrestler
      My Fair Wrestler
      Episode 9
      Captain Lou heads over to England so that he can learn to be a proper gentleman.
    • Ghost Wrestlers
      Ghost Wrestlers
      Episode 8
      An old wrestler seeks the help of the Hogan and the gang when his boarding house is infested with all sorts scary spooks and goblins. In order to solve the mystery, however, they have to stay the night in the haunted house.
    • Junkyard Dog's Junkyard Dog
      After JYD's Junkyard gets burglarized for a 3rd time in a month, he and Tito and Captain Lou decide to get a JunkYard Dog named Brusier to scare off burglars.
    • The Superfly Express
      There's trouble on a train when Captain Lou Albano discovers a mysterious ring and decides to keep it for himself. Superfly meets a beautiful girl, and the whole gang has to pitch in to keep the peace and foil the plot of some dangerous jewel thieves.
    • The Blue Lagoons
    • The Art of Wrestling
    • Amazons Just Wanna Have Fun
      Hulk Hogan and the gang are forced to land in the Amazon when their plan experiences engine trouble. They are captured by a group of Amazons who bear a striking resemblance to them. The befriend the Amazons and help them foil a group of greedy treasure hunters.
    • Battle of the Bands
      Hulk and his gang are promoted to raise money for a new high school gym by playing some music at a dance. Piper gets the message by peering in to the conversation so he decides to get his group of wrestlers together for a battle of the bands. Volkoff and Sheik decide to sabotage instruments but they sabotage their own band's as Hulk and the others perform beautifully.moreless
    • Ballet Buffoons
  • Season 1
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