Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling

CBS (ended 1987)


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  • This was Hulk Hogan and his 'good guy' friends in animation. I loved watching this show and was surprised it did last two seasons. The mid 1980s was a boom for wrestling and the WWE took it to the animation screen as well.

    I don't remember much from this cartoon, but I remember enjoying it. It was much easier to understand The Iron Sheik in a cartoon, then on WWE TV. Junk Yard Dog (JYD) was always there helping Hogan with Hillbilly Jim as well.

    This was truly a classic cartoon and I enjoyed watching it.
  • Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling Is Awesome To The Max!!!

    This show rocks. I like Hulk Hogan. He Is Nice. I like when he rips his shirt off to the max. It makes me smile. I like to rip my shirt off. Shirt ripping makes mom mad. Mom said to not rip off my shirt before church. I said i'm a hulkamaniac so deal with it toots. Also, Tito Santana rocks. Macho Man Randy Savage is also rocking the night away. But, I don't think he is on this show, frowny face. Anyways I recommend this show to one and all. I would watch it forever and ever as the world turns. If only I Could. The End
  • Be a part of Hulkamania by watching this series! However, that's all your gonna be if you do it...

    Let me get this straight from the beginning, this series has absolutely nothing to do with wrestling. Back when I watched it, all I expected was a scene of wrestling or something, but they actually never seem to come.

    Here, what you will watch are daily situations that between Hulk Hogan and his friends, whose adventures are almost always sure to include events connected to Rowdy Piper and his own bunch of Hulk's foes.

    Probably I am correct when saying that this is just one of those series that tried to mime the sucess of its main character, because that is all your going to find here.

    Stick away from this, unless you are a major Hulk Hogan fan.