Season 1 Episode 11

Show #11 Host: Dean Jones

Aired Tuesday 7:30 PM Mar 23, 1965 on NBC

Episode Recap

1) Dean Jones (host) - "Women"
2) The Astronauts - "Roll Over, Beethoven"
Commercials: Macleans toothpaste, Brylcreem
3) The Youngfolk - "They Call the Wind Maria"
4) Leslie Uggams - "I Know a Place"
5) Leslie Uggams & Dean Jones - "Moonlight Bay" (with humorous subtitles)
Promo for NBC movie: "The Last Voyage" (1960)
6) Hullabaloo Dancers dance segment.
7) Gene Pitney - "Town Without Pity"
8) Top Pop medley (song excerpts):
8a) Dean Jones - "King of the Road"
8b) Leslie Uggams - "Can't You Hear My Heart Beat"
8c) The Youngfolk - "The Place I Love"
8d) The Hullabaloo dancers - music: "Downtown"
8e) Gene Pitney - "Stop in the Name of Love"
8f) The Astronauts - "Eight Days a Week"
8g) Dean Jones and guests - "A Thing Called Love" (end of medley)
--Hullabaloo A-Go-Go segment with Dean Jones intro
9) Jr. Walker & the All-Stars - "Shotgun"
10) Gene Pitney - "I Must Be Seeing Things"
Commercials: Johnson's Pledge, Glade Air Freshener
11) Hullabaloo London segment: Brian Epstein introduces The Moody Blues
11a) The Moody Blues - "Go Now" (and possibly "I Go Crazy")
12) Shani Wallis - "Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?" and "I'm Old Fashioned"
Commercial: Mum deodorant
13) The Astronauts - "Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day"
14) Dean Jones - "A Moment Too Soon"
Commercial: Klear floor wax
--Hullabaloo closing credits