Season 2 Episode 12

Show #30 Host: Frankie Avalon

Aired Tuesday 7:30 PM Dec 06, 1965 on NBC

Episode Recap

1) Frankie Avalon (guest host) – "Do I Hear A Waltz?"
--Frankie Avalon introduces the individual members of the Hollies.
2) The Hollies – "Look Through Any Window"
Frankie Avalon sings a few lines from "Nancy With The Laughing Face" to introduce the next guest.
3) Nancy Sinatra – "So Long Babe"
4) The Ronettes – "You Baby" (missing from MPI release)
5) Lola Falana – "Wouldn't It Be Lovely" ("Loverly")
6) Medley of TV Theme songs (excerpts from songs):
6a) Frankie Avalon – "Hullabaloo Theme"
6b) A few lines from the Bonanza Theme are performed.
6c) Frankie Avalon – "Bewitched" theme
6d) Nancy Sinatra, Lola Falana, and Frankie Avalon – "The Andy Griffith Show" theme
6e) Frankie Avalon – "Moon River"
6f) Lola Falana & Nancy Sinatra – "Beverly Hillbillies" theme
6g) Frankie Avalon – "Everybody Loves Somebody"
6h) Lola Falana & Nancy Sinatra – Theme from "Flipper"
6i) Frankie Avalon – "Branded" (a line or two from song)
6j) Theme from "The Flintstones" theme
6k) "Action" theme (end of medley)
7) The Yardbirds – "I'm A Man" (Hullabaloo A Go-Go segment)