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returning series?

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    I noticed that has this show classified as a returning series. Does that just mean that it hasn't *officially* been shut down, or is there really a legitimate shot at more of this excellent sketch comedy show?

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    I read on wikipedia that because of Parks and Recreation, Aziz is unavailable for a while, putting any possible future for Human Giant on hold for the time being. However, wikipedia also says that the Human Giant team is doing a movie. From Wikipedia: The show has completed two seasons. The status of a third season is unknown. In interviews, the group has mentioned that they were offered a third season by MTV but were unable to complete it due to Ansari's commitments to the new NBC show Parks and Recreation. However, the group has stated that MTV has left the door open for the group to complete a third season at a later date or to produce a special for the network. In November 2008, The Hollywood Reporter noted the group is currently developing a feature film with Red Hour Films, the production company run by Ben Stiller and producer Stuart Cornfeld. Who knows what the future has in store for this dynamic group of comedians. I don't think they'll ever stop working together because they're all great together and, well yeah, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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