Human Giant

Tuesday 11:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Apr 05, 2007 In Season


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  • WHY?!!!!!!!

    mtv is stupid, that is all. thank you youtube so i can watch their sketches online <3
  • Are they... f****** kidding me!? This show is from retards to retards

    Okay, I tried watching this show twice, but… I already can say… than this is some kind of crap than got into international TV, damn the hell. You reading this, enlighten yourself a minute, before pressing that "I disagree with this review" try to understand my reason.

    First of all, who are they aiming with this show? Adults? Oh, no man, the jokes are so retarded and unfunny for a normal adult; Kids!? I don't think so; the show contains some a lot of material than isn't suited for kids. Who then? Retards, those people than laughs at every little thing, and most unoriginal jokes there are; how is than this thing is still on the air? Guess I should redefine what "normal people" means.

    Anyway, the actors don't have any good appeal; Jackass was way better show than this, even if what they did was retarded, it was actually funny to look a them getting hurt while this… are just plain jokes and everyone's happy

    Bottom line: You must be a retarded, a kid watching an adult show (which can be in essence the same) or a dude with loads of weed smoke going through his lungs.
  • Unlike Mr. Show, Human Giant isn't averse to recurring characters. Popular bits like "The Illusionators" (a pair of David Blaine/Criss Angel-like magical douchebags who are alternately astonishingly lamely mundane and genuinely magical.)

    Sketch comedy series HUMAN GIANT stands out from the crowd not just because of its fresh brand of humor but also due to its path to the TV screen. What began its life as collection of short Internet clips that had fans stifling laughter at their desks at work has morphed into a raucous MTV series that's sure to keep those same fans guessing about how far the stars will go for laughs.

    The show features recurring characters like the Shutterbugs, tough-talking (and often foul-mouthed) talent agents for child actors who struggle to relate to their young clients on a kid-friendly level. Also making their TV debut are Web favorites the Illuminators, who combine the thrill of David Blaine-style magic with the all-around strangeness of Criss Angel Mindfreak to shock and amaze their unsuspecting audiences.

    Other sketches draw laughs from quirky characters in extreme situations -- like one who summons an attack dog to garner sympathy in uncomfortable situations, or a one-woman moving service who uses her motherly instinct (and plenty of adrenaline) to move heavy furniture by first dropping it on her son.

    The show's irreverent-but-sharp wit is a credit to its talented stars -- Aziz Ansari, Paul Scheer, and Rob Huebel -- all of whom double as executive producers when they're not in front of the camera. Jason Woliner also produces and directs the show; guest stars like Linda Cardellini and Tony Hawk add to the fun.
  • This is one of my favorite sketch shows!

    Human Giant is so awesome. I would recomend watching this show everytime you get a chance to. For 3 people to do a sketch show themselves,its practically perfect. Every sketch makes me laugh,there even a few sketches that make me laugh until I can't laugh no more. My favorite sketch was Three Brothers Carpet,they did a sketch on making a commercial for their carpet company. They brought in a monkey,they used the monkey for their slogan. The carpet money shoots down prices. The monkey ended up killing one of the brothers with the gun. Oh my god that was so funny. Well what more can I say Human Giant is my favorite show on MTV.
  • One of my favorite shows on TV

    The reason I love this show is the pure craziness and weirdness it brings each episode. Whether it be the "Corn Maze sketch, where Rob tells his girlfriend to meet him in the Corn Maze, but the maze is a trap and she finds other, presumably ex girlfriend's, wondering about and Rob stares out the window with an evil look and whispers, "Cooorn Maaaze". Or the always mind exploding "Illusionators" and they're crazy tricks. Every week, this show brings the weird, the silly, the zany, and most importantly, the laughs. The only downside to this show is that it is on MTV. No, that doesn't take away from the quality, but every time it's on I have to swallow my TV pride and watch this terrible network. MTV does show this brilliant show though, so I guess they got that going for them ;).
  • one of the best shows on mtv

    if you like the andy milonakis show you will like human giant. the only diffrence is its three guys doing some pretty crazy skits. completely off the wall but thats what makes it funny. not to mention its warped humore inclouding a mom who suddenly becomes strong when her son is trapped under heavy objects, or the dog that bits the guys legs in order to get sympathy. give this show a watch and you will get hooked.
  • One of the most off the wall sketch shows I have seen in a long time. I believe that this might become an instant classic.

    At first glance, the show might seem a little simple minded. But after watching just the first episode, I'm hooked almost instantly. It's the perfect dark comedy. The show is the creative brain-child of Aziz ansari, Rob Huebel, and Paul Scheer. The shows premises range from 2 children's talent agents who's business is going under, hitting yourself with a car to be able to go to a concert, and what you would do if you have a time machine. The show is unexplainable but I promise you just watching it once will have you laughing. It's one of the more unique show's on television today.