Human Giant

Tuesday 11:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Apr 05, 2007 In Season


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  • Are they... f****** kidding me!? This show is from retards to retards

    Okay, I tried watching this show twice, but… I already can say… than this is some kind of crap than got into international TV, damn the hell. You reading this, enlighten yourself a minute, before pressing that "I disagree with this review" try to understand my reason.

    First of all, who are they aiming with this show? Adults? Oh, no man, the jokes are so retarded and unfunny for a normal adult; Kids!? I don't think so; the show contains some a lot of material than isn't suited for kids. Who then? Retards, those people than laughs at every little thing, and most unoriginal jokes there are; how is than this thing is still on the air? Guess I should redefine what "normal people" means.

    Anyway, the actors don't have any good appeal; Jackass was way better show than this, even if what they did was retarded, it was actually funny to look a them getting hurt while this… are just plain jokes and everyone's happy

    Bottom line: You must be a retarded, a kid watching an adult show (which can be in essence the same) or a dude with loads of weed smoke going through his lungs.