Human Target (1992)

Season 1 Episode 3

Designed by Chance

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Aug 01, 1992 on ABC

Episode Recap

Libby's in Paris having dinner with an old friend, fashion designer, Garner St. John. Chris comes up to them and says hi.It's at that moment that someone in a car tries to run St. John over. When Libby pulls out a gun, he asks what's going on. They take him to the plane and tell him about the Human Target. He promises to keep their secret and leaves to go back to New York. Libby asks Chris if they can go there. Chris wonders if she has other reasons other than concern. They go. Later back in Paris, a woman approaches a car and enters it. She hands the man inside an envelope with $20000. He tells her that the job will be done within a week and that once she leaves the car she will no longer be able to contact him. Chris and the others arrive in New York and head to St. John Designs. Philo and Jeff pretending to be photographers. Later Chris sees a guy working on the lights. He goes to talk to the guy and asks him what he is doing. That's when a fight breaks out and drops the lights on St. John and Libby warns him to get out of the way. That's when he decides to hire Chris. Chris assumes St. John's identity. Jeff and Philo continue snoop around, that's when they learn that some of the models don't like St. John because of his ego. They say that he takes credit for designs that aren't his most of which was by his assistant Rita. Later at his show someone takes a shot at him but he was wearing a vest. In the meantime St. John is hitting on Libby who is uncertain how to respond. Chris as St. John meets with his lawyer to find out who would want to kill him. That's when the lawyer tells him that he named 4 of the women who work for him as beneficiaries of his life insurance policy. That's when the lawyer mentions that he reconsider his recommendation about the pension plan. Libby discovers that the car who tried to run over St. John was rented by a woman. Chris deduces that it wasn't the man he confronted cause he would have stolen it. So it seems that the initial attempt was made by woman who is not a pro, who apparently hired someone. Chris tells Libby what he found out. That's when Libby thinks she knows who it might be. They then confront Rita, St. John's assistant. It seems that she changed her name when she started working in fashion but using her birth certificate she got a passport and went to Paris and rented a car and tried to kill St. John. They also tell her that she took $20000 out of her account which is what a good hitman is worth.She then goes off about how St. John is using her--she did most of the designs and tells Libby that there's no room in his life for anyone. They then plead with her to call it off cause no one's been harmed. But she says she can't cause she can't contact him. Later St. John enters the darkroom and the hitman is there and throws St. John's face into the chemicals. It's then that Chris rips off the mask and subdues the hitman. Later when Chris says goodbye to St. John, he tells him that he as him approved the pension plan his lawyer recommended. Later on the plane Chris give Libby a dress he got from St. John and invites her to have dinner with and tells her how valuable she is to him.
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