Human Target (1992)

Season 1 Episode 3

Designed by Chance

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Aug 01, 1992 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • No one notices that world-famous designer Garner St. John (played by John Wesley Shipp) looks just like actor John Wesley Shipp. This is a common problem in TV and not usually worth mentioning, except that the previous episode "Second Chance" features a scene from The Flash... starring John Wesley Shipp.

  • Quotes

    • Garner: My imagination has made me a whole lot of money. Do I sound like an egotistical jerk? Man, impossible.

    • Garner: What are you doing now?
      Libby: Oh, nothing much. Just flying all around the world in a private jet with a mysterious millionaire. Going out on secret life-or-death missions every other day. You know.

    • Christopher: Set a course for New York, Jeff. I want to check a few things out.
      Jeff: Can I ask why?
      Christopher: Sure. I encourage my crew to ask questions. (walks off)

    • Philo: Okay, you're a professional. You've done this thousands of times. Okay, they're women, they're not sex objects. They've got hearts, they've got minds, they've got souls. (a model walks up) And they have legs.

    • Garner: Well, it's a little like a CAT scan, isn't it?
      Philo: Umm, yes and no. You see, ours only measures the outside. The inside, it still remains a mystery.
      Christopher: Which is where our problems come from. It's what goes on in the outside that makes my job difficult. Especially if I don't know enough.

    • Jeff: Well, you look good. You sound good.
      Philo: I feel good.
      Jeff: Smell good, too. Hey, that's my cologne, man.

    • Garner: I suppose you're used to hearing this, but nothing I can give you will ever repay what I owe.
      Christopher: In your case, 10% of your year's gross will cover it pretty well.

    • Libby: So how do I look?
      Christopher: As if you didn't know.
      Libby: Well, there are certain things a woman likes to hear out loud.

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